Variety Rose Guy Savoy

Guy Savoy - Alain Delon from cooking

Father Guy Savoy was a gardener, and his mother kept a small restaurant, and an aspiring chef soon realized that the main condition for fine cuisine - this is a good product.Forty years of hard and creative work made famous French chef.According to the charm and popularity of Guy Savoy is compared with the idol of France, Alain Delon, and Henri Delbar glorified his name and rozovodstve.

Guy Savoy - patriot of French cuisine, by definition, in many countries, love to eat, but there is no such diversity.He believes that good food - it's not necessarily grouse, lobster and caviar, "Vegetable stew of zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes with finely chopped ham - simple food, but from it will not tear off."The wine list of its restaurant more than 2,000 positions, and their drink chef called tea - jasmine cold in summer and hot in winter.For Russian cuisine respects: "I like soup, meat Stroganoff.Pancakes with caviar - your great find. "

Guy Savoy said that he was lucky t

hat Henri Delbar was a frequent visitor to his restaurant.Their acquaintance and sympathy began, as is the case with Michel Bras, with apples.Henry wanted to know the opinion of Delbar chef about one of the varieties of apples, but the conversation rosarian famous and eminent chef was much broader and more meaningful.Guy Savoy says: "We have to tell each other about themselves, and then he shared his desire to release a new collection of roses.He asked me how I see my rose.I saw her profusely blooming, like a village rose.When Henri Delbar spoke to me about my rose, I experienced a feeling as if my name appeared in the Larousse dictionary.I immediately thought of my father.I am convinced that my trade follows directly from the gardener's craft, because without good fruits and vegetables there and cook. "This is the background of the emergence of varieties of roses Guy Savoy (2001).

How was born the variety Rose Guy Savoy?

famous chef believes that Henry Delbar presented him in the full sense of the magical gift: "I love my rose, she's gorgeous!" The novelty of the style selection lines (new colors, new forms and flavors) did not pass unnoticed by experts in international test sites, rose Guy Savoy received 8 awards for two years, including 4 gold.Rare garnet-purple tones, a free art form of the flower and a rich cocktail of aromas - the success of not only the variety, but also innovative ideas Henri Delbara.

Additional award from the Club of fans of roses Delbara: Class won in the nomination "The most spectacular rose."