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remove the ice cream from the mold plates lay in the center and put around the candied rose petals.You can add a little circle of gravy or honey lychee.Serve immediately.

Michel Bras, Laguiole magician of

story about roses great cooks I started with Dominique Loiseau, as the only woman in the series of the great chefs of Delbard.The honor of opening the series belongs in fact to Michel Bras, perhaps the most original French chef.Each dish is a great cook - a small masterpiece, a complex combination of flavors and aromas.

Michel Bras - one of the most famous stars of French cuisine.The botanist by profession, he was forced headed the family business and, starting from the beginning, was the virtuoso cooking.Michel Bras owns a gastronomic restaurant and a hotel with 15 rooms, built (mostly glass) on top of the mountain near Laguiole.The minimum number of decorations, calm tones, large windows, allowing to watch with interest the process of cooking and admire the surrounding landscape.

Cook-creator of flavors, which, by definition, Henri Delbara, "Festival on the table subtly blended flavors and fragrances wafting up to us all the Aubrac", won the gardener gourmet.Henri Delbar describes one of the fantastic dishes, which necessarily should try to all who visit fall harmlessly Laguiole "On tender goose liver (foie gras), executed in the form of a cube placed pinnacle of fried apple varieties DelbarTardiv (late variety).And all of this is reminiscent of a toy copy of the Japanese;imperial palace or a temple on a mountain top, the topmost pinnacle of which is made from quince puree.This construction is in thick raspberry syrup, whose color harmonizes perfectly with the skins of apples.Pulp apple ivory-colored, slightly pinkish, dotted with pale green spots.On apples that hold the whole composition is based on three major grape varieties of berries, "Muscat" and thrown into three branches Ram Ram.It's amazing.It is shocking.This dish is tender, crisp, melting, even fired.Burning taste Ram Ram tenderness softened apple and quince pinnacle - amazingly fragrant.Raspberry syrup that you feel like aftertaste - a charming sweetness of childhood. "Such a description could not give a simple gourmet and poet hedonist.

conceive If you really try this and other dishes of Michel Bras, keep in mind that the award in 1999, ranking third star restaurant, is only open from April to late October.The rest of the maestro of culinary spends on the island of Hokkaido, which contemplates the sea mists and is working on a new project.

Henri Delbar was completely defeated.He decided to send the famous chef box of apples of different varieties of gardens Malicorne, simply a sign of admiration, not hoping for an answer, but the "magician of Laguiole" called: "Since I got your box of apples, I lost my head.These unusual fruits: fresh or processed - they are fantastic "The shock was so strong that Michel Bras brought their precious plates for thin in Malikorp to express my admiration for the gardener!.It is not known what dishes surprised Delbara Michel Bras, but rose Mchel Bras (2001) symbolizes the meeting.

How to make a dish roses?

perception of its author Rose - a little poem: "The Grapes of flowers and sophisticated aroma with some highlight, as is the case with the great chef, makes this rose unique and unforgettable."

Michel Bras and willingly responded to my request to talk about "their" Rose, he sent a letter to this effect: "Daring the novelty of this rose is its singularity.It is simple, wild, flowing with flavor, elegant.It fascinates me with its naturalness. "

This rose deserves such an amazing history and dignity grade confirms the gold medal at the prestigious competition.Smaller semi-double flowers, delicate buds and excellent in dissolving the stun huge (up to 50 flowers) inflorescences and intoxicating aroma.The aroma is so strong and complex bouquet that every fan of this rose will catch your favorite note (mint, clove, lime, leaves).This rose will adorn any garden.I advise the first 2-3 years to give the roses to grow freely, and further regulate the cutting of the crown shape.

Those who can not visit the famous restaurant, I advise you to try to cook the dish according to the recipe of Michel Bras.