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In the arms of culinary gourmets dreams in luxury resting, lush roses and petals Delbar their box showers.

In 2001 Henri Delbar, "Rose lord", as he called it garo magazine, followed by a collection dedicated to impressionist painter, opens a series of new style in honor of the star European cooking (Les Grands Ches).Gardener-hedonist decided to celebrate the creators of extraordinary flavors and even in rozovodstve: new items appear with the names of the great French chefs (Michel Bras, Guy Savoy, Rollenzhe Olivier, Pierre Gagnaire).Refinement and noble flower bouquet of delicate flavors combined with rampant growth and endurance brought a rare success of innovations among experts and amateurs.One of the gifts "Rose lord" looks surprising since the chef Dominique Loiseau is not.But it is only at first glance ...

Roses for cooking

likely Henri Delbar intended to dedicate this rose Bernard Loiseau, one of the most famous chefs in France.Commander of the Legion of Honor, the owner of a culinary emp

ire in February 2003 committed suicide, leaving his wife and three young children.The burden of debt, false rumors of a decrease of one of the rating by two notches (from "excellent" to "just below excellent"), general fatigue and disillusionment - so the press explaining the reasons for this tragedy.Chain restaurants in France, Japan rated "three stars" - is the highest class, such heights in the world of French cuisine, does not achieved by many.Bernard Loiseau was the only one of the masters of the gastronomy, whose enterprises had the quotes on the stock exchange.Henri Delbar, as a true foodie, could not help but recognize the merits of Bernard Loiseau and devoted rose widow of the great chef Dominique Loiseau, "its absolute path."Self Loiseau surprised many widows, she set a goal to preserve and revive the former glory of the empire Loiseau.As a result, the main restaurant of the family Loiseau in Saulieu today still has the highest rating (3 stars Mcheln guide).

Hope Rose donated by Henri Delbarom (Domnque Loseau, 2004), Madame Loiseau had a moral support, and I am glad that the monopoly of men in a series of interrupted fragile woman with a strong character.Henri Delbar made a good choice, this rose is very suitable Madame Loiseau.

Ploskochashevidnye flowers varieties Domnque Loseau decorates a spectacular bouquet of bright stamens.Picky eye can catch the pearly pink hue in the center of the bud, but in the full dissolution of the white flowers shine and conquer tenderness.Low (60 cm) and dense shrubs with many flowers and lovely foliage radiate health.Value not only for the acquisition of the white garden variety can be used in various formulations.

On behalf of the Club Madame Loiseau in still life gift with her name rose Delbara rose lovers, I sent and asked to tell about the history of sorts.Charming Dominique Loiseau has kindly responded to my request and told not only the rose, but its hotel, restaurant and culinary traditions.I also received an invitation to visit the culinary heart of the empire of the family Loiseau in Salie.In the center of the small, typical Burgundian village Salie, a two-hour drive from Paris, is an exquisite relay Bernard Loiseau (Relas & amp; Chateaux Hotel), combining in himself the luxury of the XV century, and modern facilities.Hailed shrine of French cuisine, renowned culinary experts, especially New York Tmes, and awarded three stars Michelin (Mcheln Gude) Restaurant Bernard Loseau continues to develop its revolutionary direction '(kitchen aromas). The rare moments of true gastronomic pleasure for visitors dishes with exquisite taste,which are now being prepared under the direction of chef Patrick Bertrona

Madame Loiseau says the rose its name:. "I was touched when Mr. Henri Delbar informed me that I will be dedicated to one of the roses of his selection There can be no better gift than that.know that you identify with the most beautiful of flowers, the cleanest, most gentle.

Naturally, I dedicate this rose my husband Bernard Loiseau, whom fate has prevented get to such a wonderful gift, and whose case I'll continue.

this rose,fragile, but eternal, it is a symbol of our restaurant, well-known in the world.To pay tribute to the extraordinary gift, we are in a restaurant Relay Bernard Loiseau invented dessert with rose - ice cream with a rose and lychee with impregnation of Gewurztraminer.This is a wonderful combination of ingredients, as re-vyurtstramipere notes blend of aromas of rose and lychee.

Long live the rose and long live cooking! »

Recipe from restaurant Relay Bernard Loiseau specifically for Russian gourmets

ice cream with wine and rose, for 4 people 4 beautiful white roses, were not subjected to chemical treatment, 4 egg whites4 egg yolks, 250 g, 250 g of pasteurized cream, 1 drop of essential oil of rose food (or 2 tablespoons of rose water), 170 g of water and 650 g of fine sugar (for caramel).Candied rose petals (prepare the day before) Break off the petals of a rose flower, each petal dipped in egg white, sprinkle with sugar on each side.Share on board and leave to dry in a warm room for the night.

Italian sorbet with wine (prepared the day before)

Boil the syrup, boil water with sugar.Add the wine, stir for a few minutes on the fire, pour a little lemon juice, then leave to cool.The cooled liquid is placed in the freezer;frozen substance protsarapat fork to achieve layered effect and return to the freezer.Ice cream (cook 2-3 hours prior to feeding) Wet the sugar and cook at 120 ° C (if no thermometer should be dipped his fingers into the cold water, then grab them with his silent sugar and quickly put his hand in cold water, to checkconsistency: when the sugar is ready, it forms a solid ball which rolls between the fingers).

Upon reaching the desired consistency of caramel at the pour egg yolks and blend the ingredients within minutes before cooling the mixture.Gusto whip pasteurized cream and connect them with the mixture with gentle stirring.At the last moment add the essential rose oil and rose water.

Putting ice cream in the form

Put ice cream in a cup-shaped molds, put the ball in the center of sherbet.Ice Cream to make amends for the surface and place in the freezer.

Remove the ice for 10 minutes before placing dishes.