Barberry useful properties , description, photos

Barberry: description .In the European part of Russia common Berberis vulgaris (B. vulgaris L), which grows in the wild and is often used in urban landscaping.Silnovetvisty, with drooping branches of a shrub up to 2.5 m in height especially along the autumn, when the background of red and yellow leaves hanging brush purple berries.Flowering barberry inconspicuous yellow flowers in drooping racemes, has an unpleasant odor.The fruits ripen in September and hang on the branches until frost, sometimes throughout the winter until they sklyuyut birds.The berries have a pleasant taste and a sour hard bone, they contain up to 50 mg% of vitamin C, provitamin A (140 mg%), P-active compounds, organic acids, pectins and tannins.Juice and a decoction of the fruit drink for colds, flu, like vitamins and febrifuge.

Barberry: photo plants.

Barberry useful properties .Plody used as a vitamin raw material for preparation of compotes and jams, soft drinks, spices to meat and fish.A valuable therapeutic effects have

the bark, roots and leaves, as well as all parts of the bush.Tincture of the leaves and roots in a ratio of 1: 5 to vodka - a good tonic urethra means, reduce inflammation in the urinary tract and promotes the separation of oxalates.Tincture of leaves - uterine contractile agent for heavy uterine bleeding.The bark and roots, which are collected in autumn, in the form of a dry powder are used as a tea to treat liver diseases and malaria, as cholagogue.Apply broth (1:10) from the bark, flowers, leaves or decoction (boil 10 minutes), crushed roots of barberry who drink sips throughout the day at stones in the gall bladder, catarrh of the large intestine, spastic constipation.The alkaloid berberine, the concentration of which is particularly high in plant bark has anti-spasmodic and analgesic action of light - similar to opium, but does not cause addiction in the application.Broth from the infusion of the leaves and bark also have antimicrobial and calming, analgesic effect.They drink for rheumatism and gout, back pain, insomnia.Homeopathy Berberis drug - the most important drainage means designated for very many diseases.Outwardly decoction of twigs and bark are used as a decoction 1:10 mouthwashes, douches and irrigations intestinal bleeding and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

In Primorye, Amur Barberry grows (V. amurensis Ruph.), Fruits and green parts of which are used in a similar manner.


Used parts: root, root bark, berries.

Medicinal properties: tonic, laxative, hepatic, antiseptic.

Description and application

collected berries must be ripe, they can be taken for fever or diarrhea.Fresh juice from the berries of barberry are very good as a mouthwash.The bark of the root contains berberine, bitter alkaloid that promotes the formation of bile secretion;so it can be used to treat liver diseases.Berberine also acts as a laxative and helps return to normal digestive process.Barberry has a beneficial effect on blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.