What are the varieties of potted cactus

family representatives Cacti, common in America, are highly specialized plants adapted to living in extreme conditions.

succulent - great feature

They got rid of leaves, which have evaporated precious water needed for photosynthesis.To compensate for this, cacti have thick fleshy stems.Often they are almost spherical, so have almost the same light-absorbing surface, which would have leaves.Many have a ribbed shape.The ribs contribute to the fact that at least part of the plant is in his own shadow.Before fleshy delicate plant with a large supply of water could not resist desert animals, thirsty, so typical cactus is protected from the rough.Some cacti are so many that they serve to pritensniya plants from the sun.

Delicate mauve flowers x Epkactus Ā«BridesmaidĀ» appear in the spring.This poluepifitny cactus is suitable for growing in pots and baskets.

Many species Parodia ideal for beginners because they are very easy to grow.It Parodia magnifica.

Variety of indoor cactus

Cacti - is not the only family that includes succulent species.Succulent representatives are such well-known families in the gardens, as the Liliaceae (agave, aloe, Gaster) and even Compositae (Klein succulent ragwort), and representatives of such families as Crassulaceae and Mezembriantemovye are mostly succulent.Most of them are different from cacti that accumulate large reserves of water in the leaves than in stems.Their leaves are often remarkable shape and color, sometimes with a picture.They have a varied appearance - from shrubs to plant a few leaves, sitting on short stalks, and their flowers vary from quite magnificent in the South African mezembov to gently refined some euphorbias.

This gorgeous succulent spurge Euphorbia ingensrastet in South Africa.In early summer, it forms a yellow-green flowers, often with a reddish tinge.