How do I know the date of conception of the child as accurately as possible ?

important for the calculation of many parameters during pregnancy conception date can not be determined with high accuracy unless the couple had not planned the baby for a long time.To try to answer the question how to find out the child's date of conception with high accuracy, it is necessary to use scientific methods of determination.

From the point of view of science

There is a method that helps to determine the date of conception of the lunar calendar.It was developed by a gynecologist Eugene Jonas in the last century.Due to the fact that this method had been diagnosed more than thirty thousand women, you can find it very reliable.According to the method

Eugene Jonas in determining the date of conception it is very important to the lunar cycle, in which there was the birth of the woman.Directly from this phase at the birth of a woman is measured lunar cycle.In this case the most favorable moment for the conception of future children falls on the phase of the moon, which was observed during the

birth of a pregnant woman.Despite the simplicity of the described techniques to calculate the conception date is difficult.As a rule, precisely answer the question how to find out the child's date of conception can only equipment, and the error of a few days is considered acceptable.

date of conception is often difficult to determine because of the presence of some interference, among which a special attention is paid to woman's menstrual cycle and its various violations.If you follow only procedure Eugene Jonas, we should remember that the most favorable possibility of conceiving a child falls on the full moon and two days before and after it.Confirmation of this theory are cases where conception occurs during menstruation, in the absence of ovulation and confirmed even when using contraceptives.

Nevertheless, the scientific community rejects this approach and maintains that for the moment the exact date of conception can not be determined by any means, as the conception itself can happen even on the fifth day after sexual intercourse.To date, it can be assumed that the conception of the mystery remains a mystery and find the key moment when the sperm and egg can not be merged, no matter what phase of the moon when this was observed.The only more or less specific method is to determine the date by instruments with an accuracy of a few days.