Popular questions .Can pregnant chocolate

incredible number of prohibitions during pregnancy causes the mother-suspicious to many foods.For example, chocolate.Do you know whether pregnant chocolate?If you think the answer to this question is simply this, you're wrong.

Chocolate during pregnancy - may or may not

As with many other issues related to pregnancy, there is no unanimity among specialists on this subject.Some doctors strongly recommend that expectant mothers eat chocolate, while others have no particular objection, but are advised not to get too carried away.

interesting study carried out by scientists from Finland.They decided to find out whether chocolate consumption by pregnant women to the health of their future children affected.Group of pregnant women were asked to rate how much chocolate they ate during pregnancy.When the babies, who were born, celebrated six months, researchers conducted another survey.This time they asked women to tell about how their children behave.

result of the study showed that those women who do no

t deny yourself the pleasure to eat chocolate during pregnancy, children are less afraid of unfamiliar situations, they often laugh and are very active.

connected results so that the chocolate crosses the placenta and worked directly on the fetus or the whole thing is that they themselves mothers during eating chocolate elaborated happiness hormone - serotonin, and so it was he who influenced already on the fetushard to say.But what is the effect, in any case, was positive - it certainly.

However, it must be said that the opinion of experts about the use of certain products, such as chocolate during pregnancy have changed repeatedly.And quite often these changes were radically opposed.And still, as already mentioned, full unity in this matter.

Can pregnant chocolate

Why, despite some positive aspects of the reception of chocolate during pregnancy, some doctors are still skeptical on this point, to say the very negative?Probably, they also have their specific arguments in support of his point of view?And indeed it is.Well

firstly, chocolate, cocoa beans and cocoa butter, which includes in its composition, are potent allergens.And pregnant women allergy manifests itself more often than ordinary people.And, of course, it is transmitted to the child.It is because of fears that the child will be a congenital allergic to a particular product, and doctors do not recommend to use allergens during pregnancy.

In addition, chocolate contains large amounts of caffeine, as is well known, it is not recommended for pregnant women at least, in large doses.So, if you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, on the chocolates in the day it may be for you is clearly redundant.

more quantity of chocolate during pregnancy can cause heartburn, and so she is very frequent guest at the woman in this period.

is believed that chocolate can reduce blood flow to the placenta, which means that the fetus may receive less oxygen and other substances it needs.After all, the food, and the breath of the future baby is going through the blood and nothing else.

However, as you can see, most of the claims has to a large amount of chocolate.Therefore, if you do not get too carried away by this product and the time to pay attention to the symptoms of allergies, a little pregnant chocolate hardly hurt.And if the most favorite among pregnant women is milk chocolate, the more nutrients stored in the dark.