How to teach a child to eat cutlery ?

recently pipsqueak did not know how to eat, to walk, to sit on the potty on their own, but wants to exercise itself.What and for other purposes.Parents are puzzled how to teach the child to eat with a spoon, or accustom to the pot.To do this, you need a lot of patience, both parents and child.

How to teach a child to eat with a spoon?

Once the baby to learn to hold a spoon, introduce him to her.At the same time let the kid holding a spoon in his hand, and the other let his feeding mother.There are special children's spoons for babies.But do not overdo it, do not create the conditions under which the kid will just play with a spoon.It is worth to use it for other purposes.If you suddenly want to feed the baby toys, let him make this toy instruments only after he eats himself.A child needs to understand that during the meal should not play and read.Do not let the baby act up at the table, so it will be more difficult to teach self-eating.At first, it will be impossible to avoid eating on the walls, cei

ling and floor.We need to be patient.The learning process independent food intake is complex and long.You can buy the kid a special apron to avoid staining it while eating.Do not berate yourself for mouth zipped past the porridge spoon.If you are going to respond to the cry baby of failure, it can stop trying to eat itself, and the process will be delayed for a long time.Teaching a child to eat with a spoon, explain your actions, what, how and why you put in a spoonful, help baby scoop food from a plate.For success encouraged.

Never laugh, looking like a child eats.He will repeat the ridiculous actions, smearing food, because he liked to laugh mom or dad.Usually, the child is given a spoon for the first time since he turns a year.But he was all alone accustomed only to two years.Often children are bombed on plates and spoon the table, not snatching them out of the hands, calmly ask to stop and explain that to do so is not necessary and is not a toy.At first, the child will hold the spoon, grasping the handle with all fingers.Do not insist on the right holding a spoon at once, he can not do it.Only after a long time, turn to take the spoon, as well as adults.

How to teach a child to potty?

Introduce the child to the pot;

Praise the child;

Pay attention not to the pot, and the actions.