Can pregnant women to sew and knit

When an expectant mother goes on maternity leave, she has a lot of free time that could be devoted to ensuring that sew or knit their future crumbs all sorts of cute little things.Fortunately now there are all possibilities - you can peep pretty modelku on the Internet, but you can buy a special journal in which so many nice stuff.But the trouble is that the national sign somehow categorically asserts that neither the one nor the other pregnant women do not recommended.Do not look magazines, clear, and sew or knit.Meanwhile, the hands and itching.So what is this such a sign and what is the reason this mysterious ban?Let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to sew?

Heavy proportion of pregnant

Once the surrounding learn that a woman waits addition to the family immediately at her from all sides begin to pour all sorts of tips, advice and warnings.Relatives and friends only do that educate future mother about what she can do and what she should do in any case impossible.

What can you say about this?Only that these taboos are divided into two unequal groups.The smaller are those signs that are without some medical reasons, and much more - those who are neither medical nor of any further studies have not.And here it is the second group includes the taboo imposed on sewing or knitting for pregnant women.

should be noted that even with threads and ropes deal is not recommended for pregnant women, according to popular belief, in any case.Pregnant women can not sew, you can not knit, you can not untie the knots, it is impossible to tie them, you can not hang the laundry on the ropes ... From all this kind of rationale is only at the last ban.Pregnant women really should not lift heavy wet clothes and hang it on the clothesline stretched high.The fact is that so too can strain muscles and cause abdominal tone of the uterus, which can lead to premature birth or miscarriage.Everything else is the same superstition, nothing more than a fairy tale.

Can pregnant sew

Of course you can.But why there was such a strange ban on sewing and knitting?The fact is that in the view of our ancestors, sewing, or rather the threads that are used have a direct connection with the umbilical cord for him.Tangling thread, pregnant, in this view, tangle cord.It is clear that there is no scientific justification for this is has not, can not have.But still it is a lot of pregnant women, who with tenacity believe in this nonsense.

Another sign, which is associated with the same sewing states that holding a needle and thread, sew pregnant unborn child the way for the birth.This sign is also very common and just as it is understandable, no rationale is not.

However, if you think deeply, then a study can still bring.Catching sewing or knitting, in general, any handicrafts, pregnant woman spending too much time in one position, which leads to stagnation of blood in the lower extremities and pelvic organs, and it is not too good for the unborn child.

To avoid this, it is enough to periodically wake up, warm up the legs, maybe go out, walk in the fresh air.By the way, for a long time to be in a stuffy room is not worth it.And of course, pregnant women need to sew, so that it was convenient to avoid excessive load on a particular muscle group.Place a pillow under your back yourself, take a stool at his feet.And sew for pleasure.But not for long.