Can pregnant women rosehip brew and drink

understood that during pregnancy can not use all the herbs or plants.But such a familiar, native, and most importantly - useful rosehip is a pleasant exception.It will not bring any harm to pregnant women, but will also bring considerable benefits.But let's be clear whether pregnant women rosehip and how to use it correctly.

How moms can use rosehip

Rosehip is a recognized source of vitamin C. Did you know that in these red berries it contains 50 times more than, for example, lemon, which many considered to be the record for thispart.Rosehip matures during the first cool days of autumn - in October, beginning of November.And it's just great, because it is at this time, begins the season of colds, such undesirable for the expectant mother.Rosehip and vitamin C are simply created in order to support her immune system, which greatly weakened during pregnancy.This is understandable, because they have to worry about how to secure the future of the baby.

Needless to say that pregnant women must use this

great opportunity to strengthen your immunity.And the best part is that this feature is also very tasty.Just imagine: you are with freshly brewed tea from the hips sit by the window, and behind it - the gray mesh autumn rain.Is not it fun?

It is best if you collect the ripe rose hips at his dacha, or in the woods.In this case, you can be absolutely sure that they are not absorbed in the dust and gas highways or the nearest chemical plant emissions.Dry the berries should be warm, but in a dark place to the sun's rays do not destroy vitamins that lurk in the wild rose.By the way, is not only vitamin C, which we have already mentioned here, and vitamin A, E, B, K, PP and others.If you have a big enough freezer, you can fold dog rose berries in a plastic bag and simply freeze them for winter.

Can pregnant dog rose

If you ask your attending physician, he not only will respond positively, and even strongly recommend you to use rose hips as the perfect prophylactic against colds.For pregnant women it is strictly prohibited to use the majority of drugs and therefore they remain virtually unprotected against many diseases.At the same time, rosehips can help you cope with the cold has arrived.Especially helpful to drink a cup of tea with wild rose after visiting crowded places, where it is so difficult to protect themselves from the set of microbes that are just the same swarming in the air.

However, keep in mind that the dog rose bud makes work actively, which means that we should not overburden them more than necessary.The day is enough to drink 1 liter of tea with a decoction of rose hips.And that is only if you are absolutely sure that you have kidney everything is in order.If there is any doubt about this, before you drink rose, consult your doctor.

How pregnant brew rose hip

Keep in mind that in order to get the maximum benefit from a drink from the hips, it is necessary to brew properly.Long boiling can completely destroy those vitamins that it contains, much faster than the sun's rays.Therefore dried berries are recommended not to boil, but simply pour boiling water and leave in a dark place as long as the infusion has cooled down completely.

Very convenient to insist in a thermos and rosehips.Take the rosehip berries - 5 tablespoons and pour their 0.5 liter of boiling water.Leave overnight and take it with you to the office or for a walk.Even tastier happens if you add in a thermos certain amount of honey.Just remember that honey should be added in the cooled infusion, for he did not lose their useful properties.