Can pregnant Citramon headache

Most pregnant women take drugs is prohibited.Unfortunately, even at this time it is impossible to insure themselves against any illness or pain of a different nature, for example, from the head.What can be done if you still have a headache?Can I take tsitramon?Most doctors will answer this question in the negative.And that's why.

Can pregnant Citramon

Tell me, do you pay attention to when something in the annotation to the drug?Most of us never even her and did not see, so we're used to this brown tabletochku with sweet-bitter taste.And when we have a headache, we instinctively reach for the package to take one, and preferably two tablets tsitramona and get rid of this painful sensation.We do not even think about the fact that he can also be contraindications, if we had someone said this, we would have thought it was just incredible.

Meanwhile, if you still find the annotation to tsitramona, you probably will see there that take Citramon contraindicated in pregnancy, especially in the first and las

t trimester.And not because of caffeine as you might think, but because of what it contains acetylsalicylic acid, or aspirin normal.He has teratogenic effects, which may adversely affect the developing fetus, especially during the first trimester of pregnancy.Due to the effects of aspirin had some congenital abnormalities can arise.

If Aspirin or Citramon taken in the last months of pregnancy, it can cause a generic weakness, premature closure of the aortic flow in the newborn, as well as Aspirin thins the blood, it can easily lead to severe and trudnoostanavlivaemyh bleeding in mothers.

Keep in mind that caffeine, which is also part of tsitramona, further enhances the effect of acetylsalicylic acid.

would seem that everything is clear with tsitramona.However, it is not.

Can pregnant Citramon

After all that has been said above, you may be surprised, but many experts are allowed to take their patients Citramon.And they also have their own quite convincing arguments.

Firstly, all of the above effects usually occur only during chronic administration of the drug.For a single reception is tsitramona nothing bad can happen.

Second, pregnant women are much more dangerous to endure the pain, not daring to take the medicine.After all this pain with you and your child is experiencing.So why make him suffer so much?

And, thirdly, in the second trimester of pregnancy, taking tsitramona generally can not in any way damage or the very expectant mother or her baby.Thus, pregnant women can take Citramon absolutely calm, completely without fear of anything in the middle of pregnancy.

Summarizing the above, we can summarize that all pregnant women are divided into two almost equal groups: those who take Citramon, and those who reject him.

If you belong to the second group

If you do not want to avoid the slightest risk in the course of your pregnancy, then you should probably consult their attending physician on the issue of how to deal with a headache in other ways.

Unfortunately, the choice of pregnant odd not great.You can take one of the antispasmodic agents, for example, no-silos.However, this does not always help manage severe pain.WHO recommends that pregnant women take in different types of pain not Citramon and Paracetamol.It is believed that this tool is absolutely safe for the entire period of pregnancy.And finally, some manage to cope with a headache, rested for a while with a cold compress on the head.Apparently, the latter method does not cause objections even the most suspicious mothers.