Can pregnant women drink chicory instead of coffee

You may have seen the summer in the woods or in the meadow modest plant with blue flowers.This chicory, from which a wonderful cook and drink, which can replace coffee.But as during pregnancy increased suspicion develops in women in all matters relating to the products, and not only, it is natural that they want to know what is useful for the drink and whether pregnant chicory, has no Does it some harmful effects on the bodythe woman or her unborn baby.

chicory and drink based on it

Chicory can be found almost everywhere really.It grows along roads, and in the steppe and around lakes.A delicious and healthy beverage made from chicory root.But this interesting native plants can be used, and shoots and leaves.From them prepare delicious vitamin salads or stewed in butter, like spinach.

But back to the drink.To taste it reminds of coffee, only unlike it does not contain caffeine.The beverage from chicory root contains vitamins A, C, B group, folic acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesiu

m, zinc, iron and other.

Folk medicine recommends drinking brew chicory to reassure shaky nerves and normalize sleep and metabolic processes in the body.In particular, chicory extremely useful in diabetes mellitus.

But that's not all.Chicory helps to maintain and restore the normal intestinal flora, improves the function of the heart muscle, has choleretic and diuretic effect.

Chicory can be used as an astringent and anti-inflammatory agent, as well as a means for improving digestion.

Can pregnant chicory

Given all the above, we can see that the chicory and drink from it just created to ensure that it was used during pregnancy.Here, for example, its ability to improve digestion.It is known that pregnant women often suffer from constipation and heartburn, which is quite natural in their condition.A chicory quickly eliminates it.

Furthermore, beverages containing caffeine, including coffee or strong tea during pregnancy is extremely undesirable to use.A chicory, with its mild and delicate flavor completely does not contain this harmful ingredient for pregnant women, does not excite the nervous system, calms and helps her fall asleep quickly.

Another very useful during pregnancy chicory property - iron contained in it, increases the number of red blood cells.This means that your future baby will get more of the necessary oxygen for its healthy development.This prevents the development of anemia in the most pregnant and fetal hypoxia in the fetus.

chicory stimulates the removal from the body of harmful substances and toxins, so that they can not cause any harm to the body of mother or child.Chicory helps to lower blood pressure in pregnant women and relieve symptoms of toxicity.

Methods of Use chicory

Pregnant can use chicory, brewing tasty and healthy drink, which is a great alternative to coffee.Another great benefit you can get if you dilute the drink from chicory milk.

Pregnant women can not only drink the drink from chicory, but also to prepare from it salads, or add chopped chicory root in a variety of dishes as a vitamin supplement

Dried chicory root can be purchased at the pharmacy.From it you can prepare a decoction or infusion, but since this tool has a pronounced therapeutic effect before you apply it is necessary to consult with your doctor.