Can pregnant champagne on holiday

not always pregnancy is planned and often a woman to discover that she is pregnant, may recall that a few days ago drank at some party glass of champagne.Naturally, it can not not to alarm her, because today everybody knows how to disastrous consequences for the fetus can result in the constant use of alcohol a pregnant woman, and even in the first trimester of pregnancy.Terrible word of FAS today know everything.Let's find out whether pregnant champagne?

How alcohol affects pregnancy

Let's just agree.When it comes to the negative impact of the constant use of alcohol on the unborn child, the key word here is permanent.Therefore, a one-time consumption of champagne or beer for a few days before she learned of her pregnancy, this is not a reason to panic and demand trends for abortion.

Nevertheless it does not mean that you can lose vigilance and afford it a one-time use on a regular basis.From that moment on your priority must be a healthy lifestyle.

Until now doctors have debated about what dose

of alcohol can be considered acceptable during pregnancy.Some believe that even medicinal tinctures, such as valerian or hawthorn can trigger the development of fetal alcohol syndrome in the newborn, albeit not as significant forces.Others assume that multiple doses of alcohol per month may not damage, and may even bring some benefit.Now it is difficult to say exactly which of them is right, but what exactly, consume alcohol regularly and especially champagne pregnant is not recommended.

Toddlers whose mothers abused alcohol, can be born with significant congenital abnormalities or deformities.They may be, for example, the mouth or eye, may be omitted, or other major organs of the body.But these terrible diseases are usually defined already ultrasound examination and they happen when the mother is really very serious "lays the collar."

At the same time, if a woman drinks is not much, but on a regular basis, can develop other, less visible, but no less serious pathology.For example, the baby may be delayed mental and physical development, he bude learning difficulties, suffer debilizmom or other nervous disorders.Fetal alcohol syndrome can not be cured, it will be with a man in his entire life.

Can pregnant champagne

Can expectant mother afford to drink a certain amount of champagne, for example, during the New Year celebrations?Of course, bored sitting with juice when all around you are having fun.But, first of all, have fun as possible and without alcohol - it would be the mood and desire.And secondly, that it deals specifically with champagne.

fact that although alcohol is not desirable during pregnancy in itself, champagne or sparkling wine that is sold in our stores, doubly undesirable.First of all, because it contained laughing bubbles of carbon dioxide.They help in this case, alcohol is quickly absorbed into the blood, and they can in combination with alcohol have a negative impact on fetal development, quickly penetrated to him through the placenta.

And, besides, the expensive champagne, which you see on our shelves may contain a wide variety of synthetic additives, for example - flavoring or coloring.What is extremely undesirable in itself.Therefore, the pregnant women who want to have a drink in honor of the celebration, we can not offer champagne and, for example, a dry red wine.From it will be considerably less damage.Unless, of course, wine - natural and not some chemical substitute.