A very important question : Is it possible for pregnant women to walk in high heels

It is clear that a woman wants to be attractive, and even in every situation - damn attractive.Even if she is pregnant.And today, it would seem, it has to do everything: elegant beautiful clothes, vitamins, hairdressers, cosmetics.However, it is clear that the situation of a pregnant woman obliged to adhere to certain restrictions.But what it is not easy to part with their old habits, and even almost the whole year.Here, for example high heels.How to give them all this time, and it really needs it?Can pregnant women walking in high heels?

Meanwhile, mother and grandmother are strongly advised to wear something more comfortable.

Can pregnancy wear high heels

When you wear high-heeled shoes, prop your body changes.Instead, the whole foot, you begin to rely on the paw, because under the heel is almost no support.But that is not all.

you ever wondered why women in high heels look thinner and thinner?Simply they have changed the center of gravity, and to keep his balance in the lumbar spine is slightly

curved and leans forward, while the shoulder belt on the contrary, goes back.The proportions of the female figure are changed.

Not at all during pregnancy.The center of gravity in a pregnant woman, and so shifted forward, so, when a woman gets on his heels, his stomach even more fed forward and the front wall of the peritoneum significantly stretched.The child takes uncharacteristic position, he begins to worry and move actively.Your stomach is no longer for him to be comfortable and safe crib.

Also, keep in mind that if you wear high heels, then your abdominal muscles are stretched much more intense.Thus, even for those women who are in principle not susceptible to the appearance of stretch marks, they may appear.But even if you do not appear stretch marks, sagging abdominal muscles are much stronger, and after the birth of your stomach will bounce back much longer.Here and think - what do you prefer?Continue to wear high heels or quickly restore its former beauty and shape after childbirth.

Can pregnant women walking in high heels