Can pregnant and what kind of cheese

Perhaps someone this question may seem strange, but in reality the cheese during pregnancy is not so simple.Of course, cheese is for pregnant women one of the main sources of calcium, one of the main elements, it is important to build bones and tissues of the unborn child.But some of the popular and pregnant women are not recommended to use gourmet cheeses, as they may contain hazardous substances for the future baby and bacteria.Let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women and some cheese?

Which cheese should not eat pregnant

Grades Camembert and Brie - Soft cheeses with mold, blue mold varieties containing -rokfor, Dor Blue, Stilton, Danish Blue Cheese, goat cheese, goat's cheese.

fact that these cheeses are made by a special technology that allows them to hold more water, while no acid is contained considerably less.Such technology is specifically chosen to multiply in cheese molds, but on the other hand, this creates remarkable conditions and to the cheese could multiply and bacteri

a.In particular - the originators of listeriosis.

If these cheese varieties subjected to heat treatment, the bacteria that cause listeriosis or other similar diseases, die, so ate at the table served hot dish or baked goods containing one of these cheeses, pregnant women can taste it, absolutely not afraid of anything.

Adult healthy person can quite happily use the data varieties of cheeses and enjoy their subtle unusual taste, because even if he is sick of listeriosis, a disease will resemble only mild flu form, or at all will pass unnoticed.But pregnant women - is quite another.Their immune defense is weakened considerably and are therefore at greater risk of contracting, and the disease is in their much more severe.

How dangerous listeriosis

The disease, which is caused by specific bacteria, is quite rare, and every year in Russia is fixed not more than 100 cases of listeriosis disease.Normally, in adults the disease is nearly asymptomatic, headache ,null, there is loss of appetite, weakness, swollen lymph nodes.

You can not even guess about what your body settled this insidious disease.From the moment of infection and before the appearance of the first signs of it can pass and three, and four weeks.It is clear that is quite difficult in this case to determine the root cause of the disease.

If a pregnant woman becomes infected with listeriosis, especially in the second half of pregnancy, it can lead to very unpleasant consequences up to miscarriage or stillbirth.

However, it can occur in utero infection of the fetus.In this case, the child is born apparently healthy, but after some time he developed a serious illness, such as meningitis, pneumonia and jaundice.

Other cheeses during pregnancy

Can pregnant cheese of some other varieties?Of course, such a lot of cheese.We can say that pregnant women can be used almost all varieties of cheese, other than those mentioned just above, namely: