Can pregnant women eat garlic

I must say that a couple of decades ago, during the youth of our mothers, pregnant women are not particularly thought about the fact that they can be eaten and what can not.They ate everything, what prompted them to their bodies, and were very pleased with it.Really say, no one would have even occurred to me to ask if it is possible to use, for example, garlic during pregnancy.If you would like - eating - if not, then not.Believing that the body itself knows best what he needs.And, by the way, the children were born healthy, virtually without any allergies.

Now is not now, in the age of information, which is available to all, suddenly beginning to emerge that pregnant women should not eat most of the mes of the products they consume.And should the expectant mother reach for a clove of garlic is almost certain there will be well-wishers, who or which will make big eyes and say how?Do not you know?It is contraindicated in pregnant garlic.

Well, since the information we have today is open, let us understa

nd this issue.Can pregnant garlic?

Garlic in pregnancy: harm or benefit

Garlic - is not only the most popular spice in the world, it is still, perhaps, very useful.Doctors recommend daily use in one form or another from 2 to 3 cloves of garlic only for the prevention of various diseases.But as you know, garlic has a rather sharp and pungent smell and taste, which means that he have a strong irritant effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach, nose and mouth.However, garlic can be added to many dishes - stews, meat and vegetable casseroles, soups, main dishes, and so on.In its processed form bite is dulled considerably, while the taste and many useful properties are maintained.

course, pregnant women should be careful with garlic, because in this period, particularly increases the sensitivity of the female organism to many products and odors.Sometimes it can occur even idiosyncrasy of garlic, it is clear that in this case, you should give it up.

With what is related to the claim that garlic pregnant use is undesirable and a particular trimester regard to this limitation?Dietitians and experts, including overseas believe that garlic - it's too annoying and toning product to use that pregnancy can be risky.Although the expectant mother, of course, should be consumed a significant amount of vitamins and other necessary for the construction of the baby of the organism, those products that could affect the development of the fetus adversely, if possible, should be avoided.

Can pregnant garlic