Can pregnant women go to church before birth

Pregnancy is a time when you need to enjoy life and not spoil your life with all sorts of whims, beliefs and superstitions.To the category of such superstition is true that whether the expectant mother goes to church.The endless whining, prohibitions and signs that surround themselves pregnant often spoil the lives of not only them but also their future children, because mothers anxiety, her fear and uncertainty that it is doing the right thing, which inevitably affects the fetal position, which is inseparablyHe connected with it.Can pregnant women go to church?

child - it is a gift of God

If you hear from someone, that pregnant women can not go to church, be sure to ask them to explain - why.Almost certainly you will not hear a clear answer to your question, in the best case, you will begin to say that pregnant pure enough for the trip to the church or something like that.

This is a very big mistake.In fact, the Church, and not only Orthodox refers to pregnant women with special respect.The fact i

s that according to church canons child is considered a gift of God, a blessing, which he sends to your family.Therefore, even the idea that a pregnant woman can be in some way unclean, is from the perspective of the Church is absolutely impossible.

God had put into the body of a pregnant woman and another immortal soul is absolutely sinless.Yes, the unborn child already has a soul, even if his body is not fully formed.That is why abortion is in accordance with the teachings of the Church's greatest sin and murder.

In every church you will certainly find the icons that are designed specifically for pregnant women.First and foremost, of course, is the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is considered a heavenly intercessor of all pregnant women.In addition, there is an icon, which is called "assistant in childbirth."Before this icon every pregnant can pray that the pregnancy was well, and childbirth were easily and happily.

icon named "Soothe My Sorrows" is designed for those pregnant women who are afraid of something, worry about something worry or who is at the heart of any grief.

Can pregnant women go to church

Pregnant necessarily need to go to church.They all must confess and receive Communion more often than ordinary women.And be sure to take communion before the upcoming birth.At least once.How to assure the priests, the kid who used to attend the church, while still in the mother's abdomen, then feels free in the atmosphere of the Temple, he is not nervous there, not crying, afraid of nothing, and so on.

clear that pregnant women may be too heavy to go to all of the services and their stand from the beginning to the end.Actually, the Church and does not require it.But if you have such a desire, if you feel the urgent inner need to visit the service in the Temple, you can bring a small stool or chair.Pregnant women are allowed to sit in church services and ceremonies.

Sometimes it happens that some of the old women, who are present in the church, begin a disapproving look askance at what you got.Do not pay attention to them, it is not from a great mind.And if they will get you too, just refer to the priest and ask him for permission.This will help you to unfriendly mouths shut.

Pregnant women can go to church up to the birth.If they have the strength and desire, of course.But after birth, before you visit the Temple again, you have to endure 40 days.You have just run out to go postnatal discharge.By the way, the same rule applies to the case if, God forbid, of course, there is miscarriage.