Can pregnant women eat sushi

possible that you had never tried Japanese food.This does not mean anything and during pregnancy you may really want to try sushi.And even if you tried sushi before, and they will not like, just right now, you may experience a sudden, just live without them can not.Tastes expectant mothers - is very, very predictable.Can pregnant sushi?

What experts say about sushi

I must say that, despite the fact that the land had already taken a very strong position in our daily life, some doctors still stubbornly believe them completely unsuitable food for expectant mothers.Let's try to understand - why.

Well, firstly, it is clear that the land of are still in the minds of many in some exotic dish belonging to the category of low-Is-that-there-can-be.Second, many believe that the sushi prepared exclusively from raw fish and raw fish ... Well, anyway, you know.And, thirdly, it is not known who and who knows how to prepare these same land, so that doctors prefer not to risk it.

Sushi pregnant useful

Yes, do not be surprised this, strange at first glance, the statement.Physicians prohibit and actually pregnant sushi useful.In fact, doctors are reinsured and prohibit use many products that are not only not harmful during pregnancy, but may even have a considerable advantage.For example, take the kiwi.This exotic fruit are also often undesired products in the list by virtue precisely of their exotic, while, in fact, not only can be called fruit that would possess surprising so rich and balanced vitamin and mineral composition.

But back to the land.As is known, they include fish and seaweed.Both are extremely rich in vitamins and various trace elements, iodine, proteins.The fish contains polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids that are essential to your future baby to develop the brain.

For example, in Japan even thought no one would limit somehow pregnant sushi consumption.But no, some restrictions are e.Pregnant women are not advised to eat a sushi meal made from meat and marine predators of the fish that is caught near the port.Here, perhaps, and all.

So whether pregnant sushi?

should understand that pregnant women need to fully protect yourself and your unborn child from all sorts of parasites and toxins, which can be obtained from food.If you want to treat yourself to the land, you must do the following.