Can pregnant women drink tea with mint with heartburn

Those who do not like mint, can safely skip this article and look at our website for something else.Today we want to talk about the mint and its beneficial properties and about whether it is possible for pregnant women to add it to tea.

Incidentally, do you know how many kinds of mint happens?About 25 pieces.This mint - apple, orange, curly, Japanese, horse, marsh, pepper .. All at once you will not list.And if here to add 10 sub-species of mint, it immediately becomes clear that we do not always understand how to plant it, we are dealing at the moment.While in central Russia often use peppermint or, as it is called - pepper or English.With mint drink tea, it is added as a seasoning in the preparation of some dishes or drinks.Can pregnant tea with mint?

Can I use mint during pregnancy

Many women are so used to drink tea with mint or use it as a flavoring that does not even think that the mint, in its essence - a medicinal plant, whichthere may be contraindications.In particular, some doctors strong

ly recommend to limit the use of mint in pregnancy because it contains a large number of substances, which are called phytoestrogens.They are vegetable analogue of the hormone estrogen, which is produced in the female body.

But the fact that during pregnancy the hormone production just stops.He is able to bring in the tone of the uterus and stimulate miscarriage or premature birth.It is understood that during pregnancy, this can not be allowed.

At the same time, just as fewer obstetricians strongly recommends that the mint is an excellent remedy for nausea during toxicosis.Moreover, mint helps eliminate heartburn, bloating and other digestive problems in pregnant women.Therefore, an unambiguous answer to the question of whether pregnant tea with mint does not exist.In any case - yet.

Useful properties of tea with mint

tea with mint helps pregnant women to solve the following problems:

infusion of mint leaves and flowers has choleretic and diuretic properties, vasodilator influence, it relieves pain and soothes.Drinking mint is useful in cardiovascular problems - remember the famous validol.After all, in fact, it is nothing like the mint extract and sugar.

And another very pleasant mint quality.The infusion can be used from the leaves of this plant in order to wipe the skin with a variety of problems: inflammation, irritation, dermatitis.

How to brew tea with mint