Can pregnant women do fluorography

fluorography during pregnancy - this is probably just as popular a subject for discussion, as well as the topic of vaccinations.Of course, nobody wants to prove criminal negligence in matters when it comes to the health of the unborn child and the successful outcome of pregnancy.That and trying the expectant mother, if possible, to eliminate any risk factors that one way or another, can be present in her life.And when the doctor prescribes pregnant conduct fluorography, it always makes them awe - after all heard about how adversely affect X-rays on the human body.Expectant mother needs to know whether pregnant and chest X-rays when it can be done.

What is fluoroscopy and what it is used

Using a special X-ray examination -flyuorografii doctors examine the airways and cardiovascular system in order to identify hidden pathologies.This is a very common method of examination and normally it is recommended not to carry out at least once a year.A couple of decades ago photoroentgenography necessarily condu

cted in all institutions and educational institutions of the country.

huge plus x-rays is that it is a high degree of confidence reveals dangerous diseases in the earliest of their terms.This means that time can start appropriate treatment until the disease has not gone too far.

Can pregnant fluorography

In fact, chest X-rays do pregnant women do extremely undesirable.The survey in the period of pregnancy is assigned only if there is no other way, and it is done under strict medical supervision.

particularly dangerous can be a chest X-ray in the first trimester of pregnancy and until it is 20 weeks.The fact that this period is of the child actively dividing cells and form its major systems and organs.As you know, X-rays affect is precisely not dividing cells.

After 20 weeks of pregnancy, when the baby is fully formed, its cells divide is not so active, and so fluorography is less dangerous for pregnant women during this period.So if your doctor prescribes the method of screening for the early months of pregnancy, ask him to possibly, it was postponed until the second half of pregnancy.And, of course, to your belly certainly put a protective lead apron shielding.

How dangerous photoroentgenography for pregnant

Although, as mentioned above, this procedure is highly undesirable for pregnant women, especially in the first half of the term, experts claim that modern drugs for x-rays are practically safe for pregnant women,because the dose of radiation they generate, it is small and does not affect the final result, the development of the fetus.To fix the ionizing radiation used a special film with high sensitivity, allowing to reduce the number of micro-roentgen to a minimum.

very same uterus, particularly in the small stages of pregnancy, is very far from the heart and lungs.The device also emits a narrow-beam radiation, which is in no way dissipated in the neighboring areas.

In addition, pregnant women protect the uterus and all other bodies that are in the pelvis with a special apron, impervious to even the smallest ray.All this together leads to the chest X-rays to pregnant is perfectly safe and does not hurting emerging fruit.

If, after carrying out the procedure for medical reasons, you still remain some doubts about the successful outcome of pregnancy and the birth of the child's full, you can always consult a geneticist, as well as carry out a complete ultrasound examination of the fetus.