Can pregnant Suprastin allergies

present age is not in vain considered to be the century of allergies.According to the World Health Organization, an allergy to a particular substance is suffering today, more than 1/5 of the world population.Alas, the rapid development of the industry makes the environment worse by the day, and therefore there are more and more sources of allergens.Can pregnant Suprastin?

How to treat allergic reactions in particularly pregnant

Pregnant women have a harder time in this regard.During child bearing woman may find that she had an allergy to those products that previously she bore quietly.And even in the case if it had never had any allergy.And if you have a predisposition to the disease, you can be 80% sure that it you will certainly manifest.Maybe you take Suprastin?

Indeed today from allergies today there are a lot of drugs.This Suprastin and Feksadin, and well known to all diphenhydramine and pipolfen.In normal condition, you can choose almost any of them.But things are changing in the event that y

ou are responsible not only for ourselves, but also for the little life that beats at your heart.Especially since almost all the annotations to similar drugs against allergies, black and white pointed out that the use of pregnant women and nursing mothers are strictly contraindicated.Thank God that Suprastin is a pleasant exception to this rule.

Suprastin What is and how it works

Just want to warn you that although suprastin for use during pregnancy, and there are no contraindications, it, like any other drug should be taken only in consultation with your doctor.

Suprastin - is an antihistamine drug used in the treatment of diseases with allergic nature: hives, conjunctivitis, angioedema, various skin diseases, serum sickness, rhinitis, bronchial asthma.

is known allergies, it is non-standard reaction to the allergen got into it.The resulting reaction produces particular biologically active substance - histamine, there is an inflammatory process, leading to the appearance of allergic symptoms: cough, rhinitis, swelling, rash, itching and so on.Suprastin directs its action to the blockade of histamine receptors and thereby inhibits its activity.As a result, all the symptoms disappear.

Can pregnant Suprastin

the case of the first trimester of pregnancy, the Suprastin can be taken only as directed by a physician.It should be understood that since the mother and child are one unit, any allergic reaction that occurs in a pregnant woman, certainly affects the fetal position.There are no reliable data that Suprastin somehow adversely affect the child's development, not yet, but you need to understand the fact that a large-scale study of this issue is simply not there.

Suprastin often administered in tablet form for oral administration.However, in severe cases, an allergy, for example, in case of angioedema or anaphylaxis Suprastin pregnant can be administered by intravenous injection.The dose calculated physician based on the age of the patient, and of his body weight.As a rule, the total daily rate of the drug can not be more than 100 mg.

If you make a mistake with the dosage and took a large dose of suprastin than is needed, be sure to call an ambulance or see a doctor.Take absorbent preparation before coming professionals, for example, activated carbon, it is advisable to do a gastric lavage.In case of overdose can occur suprastin cramps, weakness, depression, confusion, or, conversely, excitement.

When allergies in pregnancy is important not only to eliminate the symptoms, but also to eliminate contact with the possible allergen.So be sure to consult an allergist.