Can pregnant women to remove teeth.Some Important Points

The ancient believed that for every pregnant woman pays at least one tooth.Although modern dentistry and dental treatments greatly since gone forward, the problem of removal of teeth and whether it is possible for pregnant women to remove teeth, is still relevant.

How dangerous caries in pregnant

lightly assume that tooth decay - it's just a spoiled tooth, which for a while you can not ignore.The fact is that dental caries - a hotbed of infection, which in addition to the caries bacteria and may be others, such as the pathogen Staphylococcus aureus, which is of the cavity spreads throughout the body and is the cause of intrauterine infection of the fetus.

Of course, in the normal state of the body's immune system would have stifled the causative agent, but the fact that a pregnant woman's immune system is greatly weakened, and often it is not able to cope with the disease.Therefore, tooth decay in pregnant more often and become a source of proliferation of various bacteria on the body.

to be understood, and that the development of caries in pregnancy is much more intense.After all, a hefty dose of vitamins and calcium have to be directed to the construction of the body of the fetus.

Pregnancy and dental treatment

To pregnant women do not have to remove the teeth, it is necessary at the stage of planning of pregnancy take a full examination by a dentist and time to cure all of the problematic teeth, so that they do not in the future to have a source of trouble.Thank God, today rarely question about the removal, and if you root is in good condition, modern materials make it possible to easily recover the crown of the tooth itself, even if it is severely damaged.

If you have not attended to this issue time and a tooth ache you have during pregnancy, do not delay visit to the doctor, hoping that everything goes by itself.The problem of the patient's teeth must be solved fundamentally.

When you visit the dentist do not forget to warn him that you - are pregnant.

Can pregnant delete

teeth Unfortunately, if there is no alternative, doctors have to make a decision about the removal of teeth in pregnant women.Of course, this operation is not very pleasant, but modern anesthetics are designed so that they do not penetrate the placenta and fetus is not impacted.While the focus of purulent inflammation in the oral cavity in pregnant women can lead to quite negative consequences not only for the child but also for the future mother.

course, much better if surgery to remove a tooth - and this is a surgical procedure - can not be done during the first trimester of pregnancy, and a little later, when it will form the basic systems and organs of the fetus and placenta.However, if the doctor considers that it is too dangerous, for example, in the case of the flux or due to the fact that the inflammation too quickly spread to other tissues, the question of the removal of a tooth can be solved together with the attending gynecologist at the earliest stages of pregnancy.


Caries in pregnant women - a hotbed of intense bacterial inflammation, which is a serious threat to the health of both mother and child.

If the dentist thinks that it is necessary to remove the tooth, pregnant women can do it at any stage of pregnancy.

Modern anesthetic methods tailored to the specific features of the expectant mother, so pregnant women to remove the teeth can not be afraid.