Can pregnant women be cut - if the signs are telling the truth

age-old folk wisdom expressed in the signs and believe firmly established in our everyday life.But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to find out where the truth in them, and which, to a great extent, there are only a superstition.Sometimes everything is so interconnected that distinguish one from the other is not no way.In particular, in the case of pregnant women.Let's try to understand whether it is possible for pregnant women to get a haircut, and analyze some of the other signs associated with this wonderful period in every woman's life, taking advantage of the special Encyclopedia of Slavic religions.

why a pregnant woman should not be cut

hair in the beliefs of ancient Slavs, and not only Slavs, but also of many other nations, was given special importance.It was believed that it was here that accumulate vitality and health.Therefore Slavic legends not only to pregnant women could not cut their hair, and even combing the newborn to one year was contraindicated.It was believed that in th

is way you take away his health and shortened his life.

is no coincidence that many of the Slavic magical rites connected with hair.The child was baptized, rolling in a few wax pryadok his hair before the wedding the bride hair braided special magically, a widow, on the contrary, was to dissolve the scythe.

The biggest mistake is considered, combing their hair or shaved them, throw away the hair strands.After all, they can fall into the hands of the bad people who are so use your hair will be able to bring you damage.Those hairs that remain with you comb or sostrizhennye ends must be carefully collected and burned.

Apparently, here and came to our times is an ancient belief.Although, if you ask the doctors whether pregnant women to get a haircut, they are unlikely to even understand exactly what you mean.

Can pregnant photographed

This is another ancient belief.Why - older, you ask.Because photography was invented relatively recently - and 150 years have not yet passed.But the fact is that before the invention of photography, just as strongly encouraged to draw pregnant or still somehow capture their image.It is believed that the development of the baby will stop at that moment, as will be finished a portrait of his mother.

Can pregnant woman looking at something frightening or ugly

Slavic folk wisdom says that you can not do in any case, on the contrary, pregnant women should look at something beautiful and pleasant.And, in contrast to the beliefs that prohibits pregnant women to get a haircut, this sign is absolutely correct, and it is fully supported by experts.Of course, not because the child will be born ugly or scary.But that negative emotions experienced by a pregnant woman, in no way can not go in his favor, but only on the harm it exactly.

fear or disgust felt by the mother, forcing the body to produce special hormones that are transmitted through the blood of unborn babies, and he begins to experience the same feelings.This can be very bad for his development and his nervous system, and in some cases, severe shocks experienced by the expectant mother, can and does lead to spontaneous abortion.

Can I get a haircut pregnant or not, whether they can be photographed, sew, knit - if you want to believe in these signs, you may believe.In the end, harm from this belief the baby will not be exactly nothing.And for the mother is the most important of her peace of mind and confidence in the fact that it is doing everything right.