Kan gravid aktivt kull for forgiftning

activated charcoal used for digestive disorders still physicians of ancient Rome.Perhaps it can be said without exaggeration that this is the most secure and versatile tool that can be safely used even for pregnant women.Indeed, even pregnant women are not immune to poisoning, for example, not too fresh food or from other problems with the stomach and intestines.Activated carbon can help you with heartburn, intestinal infections and similar diseases.Let's find out whether pregnant coal and how it can be used.

What is activated charcoal and how it affects the body

or activated porous carbon is produced from rocks that contain this substance.Once in the human body, carbon does not dissolve in it and not into the blood, and completely contrary to itself collects all those pollutants which are found here, then, together with them excreted from the body.Thus, it can not affect the fetus growing in the body of the pregnant woman.That is why activated carbon is considered to be completely safe remedy durin

g pregnancy.

Activated carbon produced in the form of tablets, pastes, powders and capsules.By its effects any form of medication is exactly the same, so pregnant women can choose any of the options.

recommended taking the drug - 3 times a day.In the case of intoxication, the activated charcoal is recommended to take the rate of 1 g per 10 kg of body weight in the case of abdominal distention, will be sufficient to take one tablet after 2 hours after each meal.In any case, a pregnant woman at a poisoning or other diseases associated with digestion, have to see a doctor, so that he was appointed an adequate course of treatment and to determine the necessary dosage.

What are the cons

Of course, neither of which the world is not only the positives.At the reception of the activated coal, there are also some downsides.Unfortunately, it does not distinguish between harmful substances and healthy, but without making this distinction, it removes from your body and what it desperately needed.For example, if you are at the same time with this drug taking prenatal vitamins, you need to take coal no earlier than two hours after taking the vitamins, because otherwise it absorbs and, thus neutralizing their effects.

Long-term use of activated coal can affect your body's not for the better.After treatment with this drug, you need to restore the microflora of your colon using preparations containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Despite the fact that the activated charcoal is certainly the oldest, reliable and well-proven formulation, one can not ignore the fact that there was a sufficient number and other absorbent products of the new generation in recent years.Pregnant women can be recommended Smecta, Polisorb, Laktofiltrum, Rennie, Enterosgel.It is clear that they are more expensive than activated charcoal, but they have additional positive qualities of their reception, in the end, turns out to be significantly more effective.

Can Coal pregnant if you want?

Yes, it happens sometimes.Sometimes the expectant mother may just go mad, to the point where she wants to chew tabletochku activated carbon.Gastronomic desire pregnant can actually take quite bizarre forms.It is believed that the body of a pregnant woman he knows exactly what he needs in a particular situation.It is possible that one tablet of activated charcoal from time to time does not hurt pregnant and if that's too much like - you can chew.