Can I put a pregnant vaccinated against influenza

Of course, it is best to make all the necessary vaccinations for several months prior to pregnancy.Those antibodies that you will gain as a result, will not only protect you from hazardous for pregnant women diseases, such as rubella, but you also pass the resulting protection of your future baby.Antibodies protect the newborn during the first months of his life.That is why doctors always offer to immunize when planning pregnancy and childbirth.

If you become pregnant spontaneously, and you have, for example, there was an accidental contact with a carrier of influenza, mumps, mumps and diphtheria?What can you do in this case?Can I put a pregnant vaccinated in an emergency?This is a very difficult question, and it requires a detailed and comprehensive response.

How dangerous vaccination during pregnancy

Is it really dangerous to put vaccinated pregnant?There is expert opinion that the risk that at the same time exists, can be called, only the theoretical and real, he is unlikely to become.But pregna

ncy, apparently, this is not the case when you need to perform the experiments.Therefore, it is obvious that to vaccination, when it comes to future moms, should be resorted to only in cases where the alleged harm from infection is much higher than the possible negative impact of the vaccine on fetal development.

Decision on emergency vaccination must be taken then when contact with a carrier of the disease, or the ill person has already occurred.Vaccination only makes sense to set for a certain time, these periods are different for each vaccine.

What are vaccines

All preparations for vaccination are divided into two types: a live vaccine and inactivated or "killed".

Vaccines first type is strictly forbidden to put pregnant because the risk that the virus, although in a weakened form, go to the fetus, although very small, it still exists, and, therefore, can develop intrauterine pathology.So if you need to take urgent measures against diseases such as influenza, measles, chicken pox, measles, polio, mumps, then you need to put the vaccinations, using not the vaccine itself, but those antibodies that are prepared with it.

Can I put pregnant vaccinated with a second type of vaccine?Experts do not impose in their respect of the same categorical prohibition, but in their attitude should be cautious.And if conception occurred shortly after vaccination, or the need for vaccination have occurred during pregnancy, before the vaccination must be well put to weigh all the possible consequences.And, of course, the doctor must put them in a known pregnancies.

Can pregnant women be vaccinated against the flu

flu vaccine is recommended for pregnant women not to put before the second trimester of pregnancy, and if necessary, before the possible onset of epidemics.If a woman has a chronic lung disease, or cardiovascular system and there is a real danger that if the disease can develop serious complications, vaccination is put, regardless of at what period is a woman.

Vaccination against influenza is carried out using an inactivated vaccine, which does not have intact viruses.

should be noted that not only the pregnant women, and the vast majority of doctors are afraid, almost instinctively put vaccination expectant mothers, for fear that they adversely affect the fetus.But keep in mind that vaccinology is also not standing still, and every year there are more and more new vaccines with a high degree of purification.As practice shows, they not only do not harm the child's health, and even save his life in some cases.