Can pregnant women sleep on their backs , and why

From about 12 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus, along with being in her fetus, significantly increases in size, its volume begins to push those bodies that are close to her.And when a woman is, the uterus, in obedience to the law of universal gravitation, begins to push soybean weight on the spine, through which passes a large number of large blood vessels.That is why doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women sleep on their backs.That's right about this, we would like to talk in detail in this article.Let's find out exactly whether pregnant women sleep on their backs?

If pregnant sleeping on

back at the beginning of pregnancy is still small size of the uterus, pregnant women are free to lie down and sleep on your stomach, back, side and how they will do anything.

Starting from 20 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus is their weight is already quite capable peredavit those vessels that pass through the spine.The blood flow going to the heart is reduced, and the fruit begins to experience an oxygen defi

ciency.But that's not all.

Under most heavily influenced by large hollow Vienna, on which there is a return to the heart blood flow from the lower extremities.

When she peredavlivaetsya heart receives less blood flow, as a result - a pregnant woman begins to suffocate, her breathing is interrupted significantly, becomes rapid, pulse, too, serves cold sweat.

The woman may fall into a semiconscious state.And very well, if at this moment beside her someone is to provide the necessary assistance.To everything returned to normal, you need to quickly turn the future mother on her side.

If a child is experiencing oxygen starvation for a long time, then he may develop fetal hypoxia, which often results in fetal death and abortion.In any case, the long lack of oxygen and essential nutrients leads to the development of various complications.

What position safest

As you know, the question of whether pregnant women sleep on their backs, doctors meet with abhorrence.Many expectant mothers panic, because not every woman is able to control the situation in the dream of his body.In fact, as soon as there is a vein by displacement, it wakes up pregnant.Firstly, it starts to hurt and numb the back, she begins to feel uncomfortable, and the baby begins to actively kicking, trying to wake her mother.No special effects of a short stay on the back of a not punishable.Dangerous is the only long-term and permanent presence in that position.

If you are seriously afraid that fail in time to wake up, before going to bed, roll yourself out of the blanket roll, and put him in the back, so that even if you suddenly want to roll back, you is not got.

From a medical point of view, most pregnant women is safe to sleep on your left side, be sure to listen to your inner state and to how to react to this child.In order to make you more comfortable, you can put an extra pillow Mezhuyev feet.This is especially useful during the later stages of pregnancy, when, due to the size of the abdomen, pose on his side is uncomfortable for many women.

However, whether pregnant women sleep on their sides, back, stomach, or in any other position may largely depend on the individual characteristics of the flow of your pregnancy, in particular, the location of the baby in the uterus.And if, despite all the recommendations of doctors, pose on the left side actively uncomfortable for you, try listening to your body, to choose the most comfortable position for themselves.