Can pregnant women sleep on their stomachs , and other rules of conduct

childbearing - is not only a great happiness for the expectant mother.Of course, you have all heard the saying the French - noblesse oblige.And you can definitely tell.What pregnant women it refers to the full.They bear full responsibility for their health and lives of the still tiny baby and fledging.Therefore, how the expectant mother is prepared for this period, if she knows that you can pregnant, but what they can not, can we smoke, travel, dental treatment, and even whether it is possible for pregnant women to sleep on his stomach - from all of this often depends on a favorable outcomepregnancy.Here we want to collect here are some important tips.

important - stop smoking

smoking pregnant women can not.It is not even discussed.Of course, it is best if the expectant mother goodbye to nicotine, a few months before pregnancy, but if it does not, do it now.Besides, toxemia of pregnancy is a good helper in this difficult matter.Many pregnant women begin desperately sick at the thought of a cigarette

.And it is no coincidence.The body knows that it is harmful at this stage and alert you about it.

Smokers mothers babies are born prematurely underweight.This is the easiest consequences that may result from smoking during pregnancy.

it possible to treat pregnant

teeth Pregnant women need to carefully monitor the condition of their teeth.The fact that those hormonal changes that occur in the body they often lead to various diseases of the gums and caries.In addition, the lack of calcium in the diet of pregnant women, is also a very negative impact on dental health.Therefore, pregnant women should be not less than once every three months, be sure to check the teeth and the dentist is, of course, be sure to treat the teeth of time, without waiting until they are completely destroyed.Treat your teeth to pregnant women is not only possible, but imperative that the infection, which is tooth decay, do not spread throughout the body and could not affect the health of the fetus.

Can pregnant women sleep on

stomach at the beginning of pregnancy until the belly is still not in favor of pubic bones, no difficulty or danger to subside in the stomach is not for pregnant women.Another thing, when the term pregnancy goes beyond 20 weeks.At this time, the tummy is already clearly starting to protrude forward and sleep in this position has become undesirable.Although the uterus and amniotic fluid protecting your baby in this period by random shocks, too press on the abdomen is still harmful.

best sleeping position for pregnant doctors believe not on the stomach and on the left side.If you find it difficult on their own to keep such a situation, and you are afraid of the night, in his sleep accidentally roll over on his stomach, out of habit, just enclose yourself a few pillows so that you feel comfortable to sleep in the right position.Over time, when the stomach is increased enough, you do not have and will turn to him, because it would be simply impossible.

Observe daily routine

For pregnant women it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle, just go to bed and sleep well.The most useful is considered a dream for the period from 10 pm to 2 am.During this period the body is resting and gaining strength the next day.

pregnant should not sleep on your stomach and on the back, and on his side, for the convenience of putting themselves between the pads of the feet, so that the muscles are not strained unnecessarily.

Waking up in the morning, do not try to immediately get out of bed, let the body finally wake up, stretch and get up carefully, holding on to the back of the bed with his hands.

Remember that pregnant coordination of movements is broken and joints and ligaments are weakened.Therefore, beware of sharp and hasty movements, so as not to get injured.