Can pregnant salty.What for?

While your baby is still not born, you stay for it unique and irreplaceable source of food.That's why pregnant women because it is important to ensure that their diet contains everything necessary to sustain life and normal development of the unborn baby as well as to the diet was balanced enough not to have been skewed towards a particular product and, of course, did not contain anythingharmful or toxic.Moreover, what may be absolutely neutral, it can have quite a negative impact on a child for most moms.Or - on the course of pregnancy in general.

Here, for example, salt - cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, yes anything.As you know, during toxicosis expectant mother absolutely can not resist the desire to indulge in this, and not just indulge yourself - many pregnant consume salt in the most unlimited quantities.But is it possible for pregnant salty?

The dangerous unbalanced diet of pregnant

Insufficient or improper nutrition during pregnancy is not so harmless as it may seem at first glance.First, t

he child ate not to be missed "construction material", first he will take away all missing from the mother's body - so ordered nature.It necessarily affect the overall state of health of the woman.And then, when the shortage of necessary materials will be critical, the pregnancy just is interrupted, the fetus will die and there will be a miscarriage.

Syndrome "pulls on the salty┬╗

This syndrome is familiar to every pregnant woman is not hearsay.And it is connected is precisely the fact that the fruit that is in her womb, begins to delay the useful and necessary to him the substance of the mother's body.Accordingly, a woman's body, while it is not being guided in what exactly it is not enough, starts sounding desperate signals that it has disturbed the balance of micronutrients and their urgent need to replenish.

body requires those products that the taste is similar to what it needs.And sometimes the requirement of pickles, in fact, occurs when the body needs citrus pregnant with their trace elements and vitamin C.

Can pregnant salty

In principle, there are no restrictions in this regard, especially in early pregnancy, doctors do not impose.The only recommendation is to actually be used in savory foods reasonable limits and do not get too carried away by them.

Generally the salt of course need the human body and the body of the pregnant women in particular, because it helps to keep inside it the necessary amount of liquid, creating certain stocks.And it is clear that a pregnant woman this fluid is required slightly more than in the normal state.However, too much will and savory products can be useful for anyone, even for Bedouins in the waterless desert.

Firstly, salt promotes blood pressure.That is why people suffering from hypertension, it is advised to minimize its consumption.And pregnant high blood pressure, of course, is also not helpful.Secondly, in the later stages of pregnancy, salty, or rather, its excessive consumption can cause swelling, and pregnancy and so they appear often enough.Therefore, do not provoke them further.And finally, excess salt accumulated in the body can cause various problems with the kidneys, for example, their dysfunction or other diseases.