Can pregnant soda for heartburn

Truly, baking soda is a versatile tool in the economy.It is difficult to name another of the same drug, which would have the same range of applications.Soda is added to the dough for the preparation of baking soda can clean the dust or dirt cup or tile in the bathroom, soda can also pay off heartburn.Soda can be sprinkled burn on his hand, and soda will help to cure thrush.As you can see, soda - of all trades and mistress in the house is simply irreplaceable.Is it possible to use it for pregnant women, if there is any contraindication in this regard?In fact, a lot will depend on how you intend to use baking soda.

Can pregnant soda for heartburn

Heartburn, it is certainly true for pregnant attack.Sometimes, it seems that everything inside and burned.Well, just no life.Heartburn hurts almost constantly pregnant and the more it becomes belly, so it is only amplified.Many expectant mothers, bearing in mind such a wonderful tool, like soda, try to extinguish it is the fire that is raging inside them.

it possible to do so during pregnancy?Experts do not recommend to do this in any case.And that's why.

What is heartburn?This throwing of the gastric juice into the esophagus back pressure.Indeed, the soda helps to effectively deal with this problem, and not just pregnant women.This is due to the alkali reaction, which, in fact, is a soda with acid gastric juice.However, in such a neutralization reaction of carbonic acid is released, which causes gastric juice released even more.In other words, a neutralizing acid in the stomach portion, you are immediately stimulated the production of the next one.And so it can be to infinity.And even if you feel relief after taking the soda - in fact, it is only temporary.By the way, you forgot to learn the answer to this one question.

Can pregnant soda ingest

And here is the most important.Soda for its chemical formula - a NaHCO3 or, as it is called - sodium bicarbonate.When using soda pregnant during heartburn, sodium gradually accumulates in your body, because its output is carried out very slowly.But the accumulation of sodium leads to water retention in the body of an expectant mother and the formation of edema.It is for this same reason, pregnant women are advised to reduce the use of salt - NaCl.As you can see, everything is the same, and sodium is the same risk of edema.If the expectant mother is suffering and so to them, the situation will only become worse.

Incidentally, doctors do not advise to use baking soda against heartburn and ordinary people.Firstly, all of the same sodium and, secondly, it irritating effect on the bowels, more precisely, on its mucosa.

As pregnant, you can use baking soda

Basically, if you do not swallow the soda, and use e externally, then no contraindication to its use are not available.You can, for example, apply baking soda to rinse sore throat.This is a great way to relieve pain, alleviate cough and accelerate recovery from tonsillitis, laryngitis and similar diseases.By the way, for all of these diseases can not simply throat rinsing, and use baking soda for inhalation.The effect is even more rapid.

If you have a yeast infection during pregnancy, you can safely use baking soda for douching and washing away.The solution should be prepared at the rate of 1 teaspoon baking soda 250 ml of warm water.Of course, completely cure yeast infection using only soda you do not succeed, there is need to apply a targeted treatment, but the itching for a while you will be able to get rid of.