Check the medicine cabinet : can Smecta pregnant heartburn

Pregnancy, although happy period in every woman's life, but it is easy it does not name.Expectant mother should go through and endure a lot.Toxicosis, heartburn, constipation, bloating, flatulence, vomiting - all these are signs of impaired digestion, which in normal times would be pretty easy to deal Smecta.But can smektu pregnant?Because we all know that in this position almost all women are contraindicated drugs.

Smecta - composition and function

Smecta - name drug is available as a white powder, which is based on a natural substance called dioctahedral smectite.Smecta has broad spectrum of action.It helps

soothe irritation arising in the intestine or stomach, as well as restore their mucous;

prevent mucosal damage as a result of the impact of other negative factors;

absorb pathogenic flora, toxins and all kinds of toxins;

neutralize the irritating effects of bile throws or hydrochloric acid, which is part of the gastric juice.

This drug is given to pregnant women with indigestion, diarrhea

, flatulence, bloating and stomach cramps, and in severe heartburn, which can not reassure the other methods.For example, milk, seeds or breadcrumbs.

Can pregnant Smecta

Doctors do not see any contraindications to receiving Smecta during pregnancy.It is absolutely safe for pregnant women and even for just appeared on the babies born.The fact that this drug absorption and its effect is limited solely stomach and intestine, it does not dissolve in the body and enter the blood stream, does not affect the other organs and systems.Smectite is the same as the time of entering the body and until the output thereof.However, it carries with it the slags, toxins and viruses.

When using Smecta at the indicated doses, almost not observed no side effects, except for the occurrence of individual intolerance.As the dose may cause constipation, so taking Smecta pregnant should be exclusively assigned doctor dosage.

Dosing and treatment