Can pregnant women to sit at the computer , whether it is not dangerous

computer in the last 10 years so tightly into our lives, it is simply impossible to imagine that once we were able to do without it.But such a position brings with it certain issues - such as how to safely sit at the computer, does not render if he harmful effects on the human body and, finally, whether it is possible for pregnant women to sit at the computer.For everything related to pregnancy, inevitably entails a lot of anxiety and worry.No one can remain indifferent to the health of not yet appeared in the human world.It is the answers to these questions will determine whether the expectant mother is ready to continue its work in the office or at home, or for the duration of pregnancy, she will have to say goodbye to the usual occupation for himself.After all, in the end, a happy ending pregnancy is much more important.

Remembering school physics course

In order to stop being afraid of the phenomenon and understand how it can be managed, you should find out about it as much as possible.If we do

not, we will rely solely on myths and prejudices that are associated with it.

What is the mysterious radiation, which comes from the computer?We can not see it or smell it or touch it, we just know that it is - it is, here is what is worrying us the most.We begin to believe that it is mysterious and incomprehensible way, can penetrate into the body of the future mother, and therefore we can not say with certainty whether pregnant even sit at the computer, not to mention the fact, to work with him for a long time.

How can neutralize this mysterious and pervasive radiation?Suffice it to be, if we build between them and a living wall of ornamental plants?To answer these questions we turn to physics course for 9th class of secondary school.

computer - a device that stores static electricity, as well as in the course of their work generates electromagnetic fields, which, when used incorrectly, of course, are dangerous to human health.But I must say that the source of this radiation can be any electrical appliance or even an ordinary comb - remember school experiences.The only point is that, as far as above the natural background radiation.

As for the computer, the strongest radiation is emitted from the monitor, at the same time it is close enough to the pregnant women, who are sitting at the computer.Modern flat screens generate significantly less radiation than their predecessors.Note, however, that each monitor in addition to the radiation, which is directed directly to the user, and generates more electromagnetic field which extends in all directions.

According to current medical standards for pregnant women to sit at the computer should be in such a way that the monitor is on them at a distance of not less than 70 cm. If you do not sit at the computer, and next to it, then your workplace should be located at a distance of not less than1.5 meters from the rear surface of the monitor.

What they think about doctors

To date, no known significant fact which would have forced to doubt whether it is possible for pregnant women to sit at the computer.On the other hand, in order to assess the impact of computer radiation on the development of the unborn child of the body, it is necessary to trace his life and health in the future.After all, there are anomalies that affect immediately, but only after several years.Because until now no serious study of this issue has been conducted, and then respond with a full guarantee that pregnant women can sit at the computer, unfortunately, it is impossible.However well as for any other electrical appliance.Generates radiation of the same intensity.For example - the screen of the modern TV, not to mention the home theater.