Can pregnant women working with the computer

Once a woman becomes pregnant if she has a husband who is to contain it before it almost certainly will be a dilemma - whether to work or to continue to abandon the possibility of their own earnings in order to fully devote himself to caring for the unborn child.And really - how best to proceed in this case?

In fact, pregnant women today, there is no need to give up work.Mom does not feel lonely or isolated from life, unless, of course, her work is not associated with a particularly poor working conditions or the harmful production.But if the work asfaltoukladchitsy or galvanic shop everything is clear, that's when a pregnant woman working in the office at the computer, there is little anyone can come to mind that this work can also be attributed to the harmful.Can pregnant women working with the computer?

Harmful if the computer for the mother

the first time the question of how safe is to work at a computer, was raised in the late 70-ies of the last century, when they were published the results of

a study in which the link between fetal abnormalities,miscarriages and women working at the computer in the United States and Canada.Similar studies were conducted in the UK.They showed that the rate of miscarriage in pregnant women, whose work was connected with a computer, almost twice the rate of miscarriage among other women.

I must say that in the future the results of these studies, it was decided to double-check, because working women began to rise a wave of panic.

Panic stopped subsequent more accurate and extensive research, that with all certainty have shown that the results of previous studies based on not very objective data, and that most of them took into account the testimony of those women who are on your work at the computer remembering only aftermiscarriage of what happened, in hindsight.

Similar studies were carried out twice, and all the results have confirmed the same.Fear of pregnancy are unfounded.

Can pregnant women working with the computer?

According to recent reports can definitely say that the computer and work with them to be safe for pregnant women, and no need for a protective screen, in fact, does not exist.Indeed, the computer monitor allocates electromagnetic radiation, but it is too weak and can not be compared in any way with a really harmful radiation that comes from the scanner device or radiotherapy.Radiation computer not more than the radiation you get from the television screen, but you do not come to mind to give up watching TV, right?

In addition, with the advancement of technology, modern computer screen has become flat and a little more secure than traditional screens that were used a few years ago.Therefore, we can say for sure: pregnant women to work with the computer as possible.

In fact, the biggest threat comes not from the monitor, but from a long stay in one position.Therefore, even if you are in the office, do not forget to regularly break away from work and a little bit to move through at least every 45 minutes, do 15-minute break.

Adjust all the equipment in the workplace so that it is positioned with the maximum convenience for you.The screen should not dazzle the eye, and the lamp should not create glare on the keyboard.The chair should also be adjusted to the maximum comfort to the hand placed on the arms, head on a stand, and the back is not numb.The feet must stand firmly on the floor.Work may be pregnant.The main thing that they were comfortable.