Can pregnant women to diet

problem of weight gain is very relevant in the course of pregnancy.It does not benefit the unborn child, and the woman at the many problems - high blood pressure, exacerbation of chronic diseases, preeclampsia, edema.Moreover, excess weight in pregnant women leads to the fact that it is much more difficult to regain his harmony after birth, and saggy midsection and streamers nobody decorate.

And if in everyday life, we try to stick to a strict diet, if necessary, it does not seem advisable for pregnant women to diet.And what do you do in that case, if you feel that you have started to gain too much?Can pregnant women go on a diet?

How much can you gain during pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy should be within the strict framework.Long past the time when it was believed that fatness and blush in his cheek indicate good health of mother and fetus.Today, experts believe that for the time of pregnancy, a woman should gain a total weight not exceeding 12 kg to his original body weight.This amount i

s included - fruit weight, the weight of the increased size of the uterus, fetal membranes and amniotic fluid weight, low fat reserves, which nature lays on his belly and thighs of the future mother in the event of unforeseen starvation.Usually it does not exceed 2 kg.

have obstetricians have special tables, which indicate how much weight should gain the expectant mother at any given pregnancy.If the weight gain is much faster, it can talk about any malfunctions in the endocrine systems, or problems with the withdrawal of fluid from the body, that he could not testify about the normal course of pregnancy.

In any case, a set of obesity suggests that the power of the future mother is far from healthy and balanced, and that in no way is beneficial to her unborn child.

Can pregnant diet

About any strict diet and exhausting the body, of course, we can not go.Malnutrition is dangerous for pregnant women even more.After all, this will lead to the fact that the fetus will not receive those nutrients, the body of which it is built.This means that some important and so on, perhaps even imperceptible at first glance, Circuits to be missed.Diet, which allowed pregnant women to sit - a careful adherence to that norm of calories that the body needs on a daily basis to get the expectant mother.At the beginning of the pregnancy, this norm is 2000 kcal daily in recent months - 3000 kcal per day.Significant deviations from these figures, in the one and the other side may lead to unpleasant consequences for your unborn baby.

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