Can pregnant women drink Motherwort from nerves

Pregnancy is a period in a woman's life when the hurt it quite well, impossible.Since any active treatment for pregnant women is strictly contraindicated.Unfortunately, idyllic picture when the expectant mom does not ill, she is cheerful, healthy and carefree fluttering butterfly - is nothing more than a utopia.That has from time to time to go into a special first aid kit for pregnant women, one of the main places in which to occupy Motherwort.Can pregnant Motherwort and how to use it?

Why pregnant

Motherwort Motherwort, this herb infusion or decoction which has a calming, cardiotonic, diuretic and anticonvulsant properties.In addition, Motherwort helps to combat one of the main problems of all pregnant women - disorders in the digestive system.Therefore, doctors strongly recommended during pregnancy always have on hand a supply of infusions Motherwort.

only contraindication to receiving this drug during pregnancy can be reduced blood pressure in the future mother.The fact that just has Motherwort

and reduces the quality of the pressure.In other cases, no contraindications to receiving infusions Motherwort is not pregnant.

Motherwort help pregnant women overcome nervous disorders, and makes it much more effective than a usual valerian.Motherwort stimulates blood circulation and, hence, improves supply the fetus with oxygen and nutrients.Motherwort relieves you from increased gas, bloating and colic in the gut.Finally, Motherwort, along with some other medications prescribed to pregnant women in the event of a threatening increase uterine tone and late toxicosis pregnant - preeclampsia.

infusion or tablets

If you buy at the pharmacy pill Motherwort, that can be found in the annotations to them, that this tool is contraindicated to receive during pregnancy.How so?- You ask - Can pregnant Motherwort?Do not be surprised, all right.And it is not in the motherwort.It is just what pregnant women can take.It is for those supplements that are part of the tablet form of the drug.

Therefore, to avoid the side effects that may occur while taking Motherwort pills, take this pot in the form of decoction or brew as tea.Sometimes doctors recommend to grind the dry grass Leonurus and add it as a seasoning for various dishes.This reception method is very effective, for example, in the case of preeclampsia in pregnant women.

to calm the nerves and relieving overstimulation, normalization of sleep, you can dry leaves Leonurus sewn into a linen bag and put it near his pillow.And some make it even easier.Just take the bundles of dry Motherwort and hang it at home in different places.The air is saturated with the scent of dry grass and has a calming effect on the nervous system of the pregnant woman throughout the day.

Tea Motherwort - this is the most easy and simple formulation.For better results you can use an alcohol tincture Motherwort, periodically alternating with Valerian tincture or with a tincture Hawthorn.You can also enroll in a different way.To receive nakrapayte in 100 ml of water to 10 drops of tincture Motherwort, Hawthorn and Valerian, and then drink.This will help you relieve tension and relax.

However, with alcoholic infusions of pregnant women should be careful.Although at one time you get scanty and almost invisible share of alcohol, his constant use is still undesirable.Some conservative doctors and did say that pregnant women should not drink any alcoholic tinctures.