Can pregnant women to chew sunflower seeds

It would seem - what can already be easier seeds?One word - a trifling matter.If you only knew how you are mistaken!Seeds - this is not just an occupation for idlers, as many believe.Seeds - this is a rich mineral composition, and indeed extremely useful thing.Perhaps it is no coincidence expectant mothers so often, they say, "breaks" it is on seeds.And of course then there is well-wishers who will scare you, though pregnant women should not be in any case, eating seeds, promising you all sorts of trouble.Let us deal with the fact that it is - seeds, and whether pregnant seeds?

Seeds and related marks

with the period of pregnancy is generally associated a lot of will and, of course, they could not ignore the seeds.So, it turns out, pregnant women should not eat the seeds because:

However, there is a bad omen.If the expectant mother is constantly chewing on sunflower seeds, then the child will have a thick head of hair.I must say that this sign, perhaps, the only one that has under itself any groun

ds, because the nutrients contained in the seeds really help to strengthen nails, improve skin and hair, as the pregnancy itself, as is likely, and the child.

Can pregnant seeds.What do the doctors say

But from the point of view of doctors, has no contraindications to chew on them during pregnancy, there are no seeds.On the contrary, obstetricians recommend that pregnant seeds as the perfect remedy for signs of toxicity and heartburn.And seeds help pregnant women cope with the constipation.I do not need any laxative.

The seeds are useful moms

If we expand the rich inner world of seeds into separate components, it will appear that they are all very helpful woman who bears a child.In essence, this is understandable, because the seeds - this is the embryo of the future plant.And all of us, ultimately, are made up of the same.So, in the seeds, you will find:

Seeds help pregnant women to significantly improve the state of health, as has been said, support the good condition of the skin, hair and nails, promote faster healing of small wounds, strengthen bones, regulate acid-base metabolism, preventthe development of diseases of the cardiovascular system and contribute to the normalization of digestion.

Alas.Most of us prefer to eat fried sunflower seeds.And here lies the catch.The roasted seeds lose most of its beneficial qualities.Therefore, it is advisable not to fry the seeds, but only drying.

And of course to the sunflower seeds are special requirements for cleanliness.After all, they get something in your mouth for pregnant women, often in the crude form.This means that the purchased fresh seeds should be thoroughly washed in several waters, and then dried.

Seeds - this is a very high-calorie product.And their special perfidy is that all those calories you consume quite unconsciously.Therefore, despite the fact that the pregnant seeds is possible and even very useful, particularly fond of all not worth it.In order not to gain extra weight.