Can pregnant women attend the funeral and other issues

Pregnant women, especially those who consider themselves believers, one way or another from time to time there are questions related to the church and religion, and their current situation.Can pregnant women go to church or attend a funeral, to be godmother, and when it is possible for the first time after giving birth again to go to the Temple of God.Let's find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to attend the funeral?

Perhaps it will surprise you, but it turns out that the part of the church does not have any prohibitions or restrictions in this regard.The only condition - is that after birth the young mother must endure 40 days before she could again go to church.But this is, the time when you go postnatal discharge, so this side is clear.

Pregnant women can go to church

There is categorically false belief that pregnant women can not go to church, if it is - sin.Especially persist in this all-knowing grandmother-old woman, who are willing to call for the head of the unfortunate young w

oman all the troubles, if its appearance to "defile" the temple of God.

Meanwhile, in fact, all exactly the opposite.A pregnant woman, from the point of view of the church is a woman, which is stretched over the grace of God - he gave her his blessing in the form of conception.

In addition, pregnant women are recommended definitely thank the Creator for this gift and pray that the pregnancy and delivery went smoothly.Each temple is bound to have icons that are designed specifically for pregnant women.Also, if you suddenly during pregnancy decide to be baptized or married to your spouse, there are no obstacles on the part of the Church in this regard does not exist.Another question is how you are feeling and if you have enough power to complete the entire rite of the whole - because it is held at least one hour, and pregnant women, especially in the later stages may simply be not too good, especially since the church, special incense smoke.

Well That goes for the question of whether a pregnant woman can be the godmother.No prohibitions church on this issue does not impose, you need only to correctly calculate their potential.However, in some cases, even allow the priests to pregnant women not to stand and sit during the ceremony, to ensure that does not damage the life that she carries under her heart.

Can pregnant women attend the funeral