Can pregnant women visit a cemetery and whether you want to do it

Each of us have a close and dear people who have gone from us forever.And the only place where you can somehow visit them - this cemetery.There are even certain days, when taken to come to the cemetery to commemorate the dead.But apparently, because the cemetery and the beginning of a new life - pregnancy, many seem too incompatible, a sign was born, that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery.But is it really?

Can pregnant women visit a cemetery - Orthodox Church

Sometimes we hear that pregnant women can not go to the cemetery by the church canons.In order to understand this, let's try to find out the opinion of Orthodox priests on this occasion.It turns out that the Church just says that pregnant women definitely need to pay respect to the deceased, and the will of the Lord is precisely the fact that we will never forget is, their relatives and ancestors.Of course, much will depend on how well the expectant mother feels.And if in the memorial day pregnant millet is not physically ready to go to

the cemetery, if she has health problems, or it is too difficult psychologically, of course, do not insist.Do not overpower and myself, no sin or disrespect in this.So, as you can see, the Orthodox Church does not Shinichi pregnant women in this part of any obstacles.

Can pregnant women visit a cemetery.What do psychologists say

All the talk about if pregnant categorically should not visit the cemetery, are nothing more than the usual superstition.I must say that their pregnancy generally associated quite a lot, since sensibility expectant mother increases significantly.This is understandable, because it is in constant anxiety and concern for the health of their future baby and prosperous development of the pregnancy.

The problem actually lies in the fact that pregnant women should avoid negative emotions and strong shocks.And if it comes to the funeral of a close loved one, it is obvious that such a stress pregnant certainly will not be useful.On the other hand, there is nothing stopping in fine sunny weather to walk to the cemetery to visit the grave, and his beloved grandmother, to share with her the joy of the child's expectations.But, of course, this should be done only if the most similar to that of a pregnant does not cause any fear or dislike.

It must be said however, that from a psychological point of view for a long time marked by the fact that the cemetery, many people, not just pregnant women, on the contrary, feel calm and peaceful.There are almost no marked surge of negative emotions.Get organized on their graves a family left in the world, many feel as though once again seen and talked to the expensive and close friends, gain peace of mind and well-being.

Of course, we are not talking about the fresh graves, when the pain of the loss is too great.

Summarizing all the above, we can conclude that there are no objective reasons for the logical addition to pregnant women could not go to the cemetery, does not exist.Another question is, if we are talking about some esoteric matters, when the pregnant she is sure that if she goes to the cemetery, that somehow it will affect the health and fate of her unborn child.Leaving aside the wisdom of such a superstition, say that negative emotions expectant mother and her self-hypnosis can really affect the best way, at least in its own state of health.And if a pregnant does not want to go to the cemetery for some, it is only known domestic reasons - shall be for the house.