Can pregnant radish : useful properties

To what our grandmothers and great-grandmothers were happy.That they had no internet and they do not bother the topic that you can eat pregnant, and it is impossible in any case.Eli, that anyhow, well, except that listening to the advice of doctors.If there was, of course, such a possibility.

Well, since you have the Internet is, today we are going to discuss the question of whether pregnant radishes.

Useful properties of radish Radish

- in fact this is the first spring vegetable that appears on our table, and that it delivers to our starving after winter body are necessary for it fresh vitamins.It was only later, in the middle of summer, we look a little down on the white-red beauty, and in the spring it seems that nothing tastier Kripen'ka young Radish and simply can not be.And of course, pregnant women, too, like cut out of her bowl of lettuce so eat it, sour cream.

I must say that in radish really contains a lot of vitamins.So in a small beam of crimson young radish, about 10 heads, contains h

alf of daily requirement of vitamin C. Radish is rich in B vitamins - almost at full strength, thiamine, niacin, sodium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium.In the radish contains a lot of fiber, which makes it almost invaluable for the normal operation of our intestines.In addition, this property also radish helps excrete harmful cholesterol and various toxins.

Volatile, which are contained in the radish, root vegetables give it antibacterial properties, and it makes it easier for our body fight against all sorts of infections that get into it from outside.

Incidentally, a very good reason the vast majority of left unattended, cutting off and discarding the tops of radishes.It has all the same qualities that he himself root and a salad out of it no less tasty.

What diseases struggling radish

Firstly, it is, of course, diabetes.Radish helps to normalize blood sugar levels.So if you are suffering from this disease or you have a genetic predisposition to it, then you have to constantly include radishes into your diet.

Talking about what is useful radish pregnant, not to mention, in addition to a large number of vitamins and minerals, which are necessary for the construction and development of a small body that radish improves work of secretory systems of the body and prevents the formation of edema, as well as the fact thatdue to the large amount of fiber in the fruit, it is an excellent prevention of constipation.

Radish does not develop gallstones and because it contained mustard oil, promotes painless conclusion newly formed stones whose dimensions are small enough to pass freely through the biliary tract.

Endocrine diseases, excess weight, gout, diseases of the cardiovascular system - with all these troubles radish you will be more than helpful.And this list is far from exhaustive.

Can pregnant radishes

Why, with all the beneficial properties of radish, many doctors refer to it during pregnancy is very skeptical, warning expectant mothers, so that they comply with some caution radishes?

In fact, nothing harmful neither for you nor for your future baby in radishes, of course, is not contained.Just because of the large amount of fiber, which is contained in the roots, some pregnant women may experience increased flatulence.Therefore, caution against radish, of course, does not hurt, but exactly the same as, for example, with respect to cabbage.So try to just not eat radishes at once and many, but a few times a week, a salad of this wonderful root pregnant women will only benefit.