Diet expectant mothers .Can pregnant tomatoes

Somehow, there is absolutely a misconception that pregnant women should forget about eating tomatoes.Indeed, the condition of pregnancy imposes certain restrictions on the woman, but nothing to do with the volume list, which you can sometimes get in the antenatal clinic, diet expectant mother has not.In reality, however, compliance with the strict diet is shown only in the case of some chronic diseases.If you have a pregnancy is proceeding normally, and no individual contraindications, this list can be much podsokratit and tomatoes in it is clearly not included.Let's find out whether pregnant tomatoes?

These invaluable tomatoes

No tomatoes or, as they are also called - tomato has long been impossible to imagine any of the kitchen of the world and on our table, they also occupy one of the main places for full rights.Tomato is a set all kinds of vitamins: A, K, E, PP, group B: B1, B2, B6.The tomatoes you can find, and zinc, and magnesium, and iodine, and manganese, and iron.Even this list only shows w

hat can bring invaluable benefits to pregnant tomatoes, and we have not even mentioned the fructose and glucose, which are also vital to the proper development of the fetus.

But it's not just the rich set of useful vitamins and minerals.Did you know that tomatoes contain natural natural antioxidants that help your body prevent cancer, as well as support the work of the heart muscle and blood vessels.And all thanks to a special substance - lycopene, which not only exerts a potent anti-cancer qualities, but also helps women to maintain youth and beauty, thanks to the fact that it contributes to the destruction of diseased cells and protects healthy.By the way, the beneficial properties of lycopene can be strengthened if the lettuce with tomatoes fill with vegetable oil.

Needless to say, such as the required quality tomatoes for pregnant women, the body's immune defense which is largely weakened their interesting position.Volatile

also included in the tomatoes have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and it is, in some cases can substitute paracetamol tablet.

Incidentally, in tomato has another invaluable feature for pregnant women - they have a diuretic effect, and, therefore, prevent the occurrence of edema in pregnant women who are not so uncommon.

Can pregnant tomatoes

Why do such a question has arisen and why some gynecologists have worked include such useful and invaluable during pregnancy tomatoes in the list, if not prohibited, then at least, junk foods?

thing is that tomatoes contain a large number of acids - malic and citric.These organic acid are only able raw tomato fruits, and those which have been subjected to a heat treatment, they are modified and transformed into an inorganic state.You yourself is obviously not just notice how the taste of stewed or fried tomatoes.

Affairs that processed tomatoes, although retain most of their useful qualities can cause exacerbation of certain chronic diseases.Therefore, pregnant

tomatoes could and should include in your diet, but - in its raw form, and preferably in season.And - of course keeping a certain rate.Do not consume tomatoes pounds, but make a salad of two or three medium-sized tomatoes did not hurt, and you can enjoy them at least every day.Especially if you do not forget to spice it with vegetable oil.