Can pregnant women use creams for skin care

Thank God, today, even the pregnant woman can allow herself to be beautiful.The whole fashion trend works specifically for pregnant women.This elegant dresses and elegant shoes and luxury suits.But all the spoils skin that during pregnancy, just going crazy.That she covered ugly spots, then suddenly starts to peel off, on the contrary begins to shine in bold.What to do - hormones sighs expectant mother, not daring to resort to cosmetic products for skin care.After all, surely it someone has already warned that pregnant women or in the case of the cream can not use any creams.

We hasten to please you.This is nothing more than a myth.Specialists in no way do not forbid pregnant women used cosmetics, including creams and special nutrients.So whether it is possible for pregnant women to use creams?

What happens to the skin during pregnancy

Since then, as you saw on the test two cherished strips it was still quite a bit of time, but your body is already in full come imperceptible change your look.During

pregnancy leads progesterone and its number increases dramatically, in turn, decreases the concentration of estrogen, which can not affect the condition of your skin.

estrogen deficiency leaves your skin without special protective mantle, it begins to dry up and it can freely penetrate a variety of pathogenic bacteria.After all, estrogen is responsible for the formation of skin flakes and the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands.

Excess progesterone leads to the appearance of so-called progesterone dermatitis.It is an autoimmune disease that manifests itself in peeling, itching and reddening of the individual parts of the skin.In order to protect the skin, pregnant women need to use moisturizing and nourishing creams, which can play the role of a protective mantle lost.

second trimester - a time when the skin is just the same needs your support to her does not appear unsightly stretch marks.In addition, it is now beginning active development of cellulite.So even if you've no idea what it is, but now you will have every chance to get acquainted with the eternal feminine nightmare.However, there is a lot will depend on heredity.If women in your family streamers were commonplace, it is likely you will also be expected of their appearance.

Can pregnant women use creams

Experts suggest that pregnant quietly you can use special creams.Moreover, these creams even help to regain lost health skin and protect it against penetration of germs.The fight against dryness of the skin at the beginning of pregnancy, as well as progesternovym dermatitis includes skin cleansing cosmetic milk and lotion with no alcohol content, the use of special low-fat emulsion moisturizers.Note that these creams do not contain any bioactive agents.

fight against cellulite and stretch marks to help special creams for pregnant Creams of stretching can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can use cheap cosmetics, as part of which can be found vitamin E. It is responsible for the integrity and elasticity of the skin, improves its elasticity.Also the creams and cream gels with vitamin E, it is recommended for pregnant women to use drugs and creams that improve the microcirculation of the blood.Note that, in anti-cellulite products that you purchase do not contain phytoestrogens.

And of course, pregnant women should not forget about sun protection creams and gels.During pregnancy, under the influence of growth hormones is particularly increases the risk of skin cancer.So be attentive to all your moles and pigmented spots.At the slightest change - immediately contact a doctor.