Can pregnant women to swim in the pool or the river

course, all water exercises for pregnant women are only good.But all are a safety net should consult your doctor.Most often, the issue is not whether it is possible to swim during pregnancy, and whether it is possible to swim you specifically - because every expectant mother pregnancy is in its own way, everyone has their own individual characteristics, and even complications.Moreover, you are yourself of them can not even guess.

So, although swimming is a great workout for all muscle groups and body systems, and such training, which does not create for the body overload, which is very important for pregnant women, if you are threatened miscarriage, bleeding, or diagnosed placental fetal presentation,then swim in the pool will not be permitted.However, just as in any other body of water.This is not a whim of a doctor, but a cruel necessity, in order to keep your pregnancy.Find out whether it is possible for pregnant women to swim?

The useful swimming for pregnant women

Swimming in the pool, the sea

, the river or anywhere strengthens the immune defense of the body, making it more resilient, it gives the muscles a good workout and prevents excess weight gain.Swimming trains just those muscles that are needed for pregnant women during childbirth future - is the vaginal muscles of the perineum, pelvis, abdomen.Strengthens and the muscles of the back, which means that it will be easier to carry those loads that arise in the course of carrying the baby, as the addition of its weight.Furthermore, swimming just uplifting.

Pregnant useful to swim also because during this session, blood circulation is stimulated and this prevents possible stagnation of blood in the legs, venous outflow is enhanced, preventing the emergence or development of varicose veins.Swimming helps to cope with the swelling, if they have any, because it improves the redistribution of all fluids in the body.

important factor for pregnant women is that during the voyage, the muscles relax in the water with them the load is removed, and it allows the entire body to relax.They leave the pain of the waist and back.Trains respiratory system, the lungs expanded, their ventilation is increased by enriching the oxygen faster than the circulating blood, thus the baby gets more oxygen to your breathing.

Sometimes, even in the case of incorrect position of the baby in my mother's tummy, swimming helps straighten it and take the necessary position.And if you have no contraindications, which we have already talked a little higher, you can safely go to the pool.And do not be afraid to pick up there some kind of infection.Modern methods of disinfection make it absolutely impossible

Can pregnant women to swim in open natural waters

Going on vacation, at the beach, look for swimming off-site locations.Notice how clean and clear water.The water in the sea or ocean is absolutely safe for pregnant women, because a huge amount of dissolved salts and minerals is a great disinfectant.Another thing - fresh water in rivers and lakes.Sometimes it is very dirty, and swimming in it is not safe for pregnant women.

Until what time can swim pregnant

no restrictions in this matter, and the expectant mother can calmly go swimming right up to the onset of labor.The most important thing in this matter - to listen attentively to their own feelings about, and observe, whether you get the pleasure of sailing, or whether it becomes a burden to you.Naturally, in the latter case, the classes must be stopped.Pregnant women need to do just what they like.Your body - the best prompter.