Can pregnant women raise their hands up , and other simple rules

course, during pregnancy should be careful.It never hurts, but that's up to the point of absurdity should not be as high.So today we want to remember several important rules of conduct to be followed by pregnant women, for example, whether expectant mothers raise their hands up and walk on his heels.And also give some explanations than they caused.Can pregnant women raise their hands up?

Can pregnant women sleep on

back to sleep pregnant women can not be on the abdomen or the back.And if all over the abdomen, more or less clear, here about why you can not sleep on your back, a woman often appears perplexed.Meanwhile, this is understandable from a physiological point of view.The fact that the sacrum and lumbar passes large hollow Vienna, in which the outflow of blood from the legs back to the heart.And the uterus during pregnancy becomes a big and heavy.And when you go back it just pinched this very important vessel of the human body.

Surely you've noticed that if you lie on your back, after a while

you are having pain in the lumbar region.This is just because Vienna is clamped, and blood flow is disturbed in this place.Your body requires that you immediately change the situation.

How to sleep pregnant

Expectant mother to sleep a bit more than the ordinary person.If other enough to sleep 7-8 hours, pregnant women need to sleep at least 9 hours every day.If possible, try to lie down for a nap in the afternoon.Waking up, do not try to drastically jump out of bed - even pregnant women should avoid sudden movements.

woke up - stretched, have lain down a little bit in a comfortable position, we sat down and straightened.All this must be done slowly and carefully.Raise your hands up should not be - pregnant it can be harmful, just lean on something and gently stand.

Can pregnant women take a bath

In fact, the question is not in the bath, as such, but the fact that pregnant women should not overheat your body.Therefore, a warm relaxing bath at night to take quite possible.It is important that the water temperature does not exceed 36 - 37 degrees.Other contraindications for receiving no bath.By the way - too hot to take a shower, too, not worth it.And be sure to lay a rubber mat on the floor, so that you do not accidentally slipped.

Generally all water treatment is best taken only when in the house except you have someone else.In this case, you can always be sure that you will be able to provide the necessary assistance, if necessary.

Can pregnant women raise their hands up

must be said that a clear opinion on this issue by doctors does not exist, although in women There is a strong belief that if you raise your hands up, the child is sure to take the wrong position, or obovetsya umbilical cordor something else in the same spirit.

In fact, most doctors believed that if a pregnant woman is not placental previa, then no harm lifting arms can not bring up.Although there are those who believe that if a pregnant woman raises her arms too high up, her overstrained muscle peritoneum created Compressor effect and tightens the muscles of the uterus, which can cause premature labor.

Who of Professionals rights more difficult to say, but if you practice the first tochi view, and you want to insure, do not raise your hands up and do not try to move sharply.

Can pregnant women wear high heels

But this is for sure - no.And not even because your feet are very tired of the extra weight, although this should be considered.The fact is that during pregnancy the ligaments and joints become flexible and movable.And only one awkward movement to tuck a leg or get other serious injury.And if we add the fact that coordination of movements in pregnant women because of the disturbed center of gravity much suffering, it is clear that the heels should be very low and stable, like a first-grader.Hands up pregnant raise, maybe you can.But wearing high heels - it is impossible.