Can pregnant beer, if you really want

desires and tastes of pregnant women sometimes seem unpredictable.For example, many people may find that they do not suddenly pulls beer.Although pregnancy they were absolutely indifferent to this drink.Mom does not even understand what was happening to her, but the vision of a cool frosty bottle begins to pursue her, literally, everywhere.What to do in this situation?Because we all know that alcohol during pregnancy is strictly forbidden.

Is this really and it really a couple of sips of the longed for the moment such a drink will bring irreparable harm to the child, which is in the stomach?In a word, does not hurt if pregnant beer, beer can you pregnant?

alcohol during pregnancy Risk

Before talking about beer, let's define why during pregnancy because alcohol is undesirable.The fact that ethanol, soaked in blood, easily penetrates the placental barrier and in a few seconds after ingestion of already detected in fetal blood.This ethanol is for the future kid toxin that seriously affects its develop

ment, causing it to various anomalies.From congenital deformities to mental retardation, which would be impossible to overcome.Fetal alcohol syndrome in newborn babies is almost impossible to cure.

At the same time, similar violations occur only in case of abuse, the future mother of alcoholic beverages.Recent research by American scientists have shown that small amounts of alcohol does not adversely affect the development of the baby.

What is one serving of alcohol

This term is taken to mean an amount of the beverage, the content of pure ethylene which is 10 ml.Typically, each bottle of any alcoholic beverage specified how many alcohol units it contains.

But back to beer.The bottle of light beer, medium strength usually contains about 2.5 servings of alcohol in a bottle of dark beer - about 3.5 servings.More detailed information, as already mentioned, you can learn by reading the label.

Experts believe that if the expectant mother consumes no more than 2.5 drinks per week, it will not harm her baby.However, more than this dose is strongly discouraged.

Can pregnant beer

If your body is strongly tells you they like beer, it says that it lacks the nutrients and vitamins that are found in natural beer.

beer does contain a lot of vitamins, especially B vitamins that are found in yeast.So, in order to overcome the craving for beer, the expectant mother is enough to enrich their menus relevant products.

addition, beer contains large amounts of potassium, citric acid and phenolic compounds, which are also very useful for pregnant women.So definitely say that expectant mothers should not be strictly contraindicated beer.

But there are some nuances.All these benefits are only in natural living beer, prepared by fermentation of yeast and hops, containing no preservatives.So if you still want to afford a certain amount of beer, it does not give preference to canned and bottled beer is from the well-proven products.And in the choice be sure to read the label - buy only beer, which contains a minimal amount of preservatives.And of course - not too strong.Do not forget about the permissible amount of alcohol for pregnant servings.

Note that beer is contraindicated in pregnant kidney disease.In this case, as you would not want to, but have to replace the beer carrot, which also contains a lot of vitamin B