Can pregnant women take Paracetamol pain

As a pregnant woman is not trying to be careful, and completely do without medication during the pregnancy and can not.That head ache out of place, and even the common cold snaps.And it is better to take tabletochku anesthetic than lie down and wait until a weakened pregnancy the body itself to cope with ailments.Usually in such cases, when there is no other way, doctors recommend to take Paracetamol.

Can pregnant

Paracetamol Paracetamol is one of the very few drugs that are recommended by the World Health Organization to receive during pregnancy.Of course, it is not completely safe, but these funds are probably in the nature does not exist, and even lemon harmless can cause allergic reactions in the future mother.Nevertheless, Paracetamol is still considered the most harmless means of all analgesics.It is better to take it out and relieve headache or fever, than to tolerate them and cause their unborn child may be much greater harm.

Paracetamol is a drug belonging to the non-hormonal anti-inflamma

tory drugs, which in a relatively short period of time helps to remove not intensive pain, wherever they appeared, as well, to reduce fever, such as colds.

All clinical trials, which were conducted with the use of paracetamol, showed up with all that one negative effect on the growth or development of the fetus does not have the drug to pregnant and it can take just as calmly, like all other people.Paracetamol usually taken after meals, washed down with a sufficient amount of water to dissolve the tablet is better and quicker to act.

However, we must understand that Paracetamol does not cure the cause of the disease, but only a consequence and therefore, after taking the pill you should consult your doctor what treatment you should follow in the future.

How does Paracetamol

principle of action of this drug is as follows.First, immediately after administration Paracetamol enters the small intestine where absorption takes place in his blood.Thereafter, the drug is redistributed to all body fluids and begins to inhibit the formation of prostaglandins that support the inflammatory processes in the body.By acting on the hypothalamus, and more precisely, located in the center of thermoregulation here, Paracetamol cope with the increased temperature.

The liver breaks down the drug, after which he and other products of metabolism goes into the urine and removed from the body.Paracetamol

available in powder or tablet form, including soluble, as a suspension, syrup, suppositories go.The drug has several names, depending on the manufacturer: Paracetamol, Kalpol, Efferalgan, Panadol.

Contraindications to receive the drug

Talking about whether pregnant Paracetamol, one should not forget about the contraindications that he exists.

Firstly, this individual intolerance, liver or kidney dysfunction.Contraindications Paracetamol also those people who are diagnosed congenital enzyme disorders and diseases of the blood.

Secondly, it should be borne in mind that this drug also has side effects.It may reduce the body's immune defenses by inhibiting the formation of white blood cells.Sometimes the result is paracetamol and decreased platelet count, which can lead to increased bleeding.

As a result of this latter phenomenon could regenerate blood hemoglobin to methemoglobin, which is quite dangerous during pregnancy because methemoglobin does not carry oxygen, which means that the fetus can begin to experience oxygen starvation.

And although the latter phenomenon is rare and usually it is the result of long-term use of the drug, whether it is possible for pregnant women to take Paracetamol should define only the doctor based on your individual performance.