Can pregnant Nurofen headache

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not just happy waiting period the birth of the baby.It is also a period of various restrictions for the expectant mother.And one of the most frustrating, is that you can not take almost no pain medication.Meanwhile, in pregnant women, as well as everyone else, while the head can hurt from time to time, the ear or tooth.And endure the pain sometimes I just do not no way.I can expectant mothers to take, such as Nurofen?After all, the damage that the pain experienced by the mother and her unborn child applied emotions also need to be taken into account.

What Nurofen Nurofen

, it - Ibuprofen is an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory agent, which is available in the form of tablets - in the shell or the water-soluble, effervescent.

Nurofen is considered one of the most innocuous and highly effective for removing various kinds of pain and reduce the temperature when needed.But this applies to ordinary people.And what about pregnant women?

Can pregnant Nurofen

If you read the annotation to the drug, you will see that it says that to take Nurofen during pregnancy only if the benefit of its application clearly exceeds the likely risks for the future child.And in the third trimester of pregnancy, the use of Nurofen is strictly prohibited.The fact that ibuprofen can cause uterine contractions and as a consequence - prematurity.

however - who can determine whether the benefits of taking the drug could surpass the risks.Especially that it found that taking Nurofen during pregnancy can lead to abnormal development of the reproductive system of boys in particular - the genitals.It is worth the risk to the benefits that can get the expectant mother as a result of taking this drug?

But even if you know that you have a girl, it does not mean that you can fearlessly take Nurofen during pregnancy.It is believed that its negative impact may also affect the girls.Really say, no systematic research on this topic has not yet been conducted.But then again - how can you say that the benefits from the use of Nurofen clearly exceeds the probable harm?This can be assured only if the expectant mother is dying, and receiving Nurofen saved her life.Unfortunately, such exposure has hardly Nurofen.

Can pregnant Nurofen - side effects

If all of the above you are still not convinced that we should not take pregnant Nurofen even in the absence of an explicit prohibition, it would not hurt you to carefully study the list of possible side effects that occur while taking this drug.

This list is not exhaustive, but even in this form, you yourself can answer the question of whether pregnant women taking Nurofen.It is understood that all of the above symptoms occur not all, and most often in the case of long-term use of the drug.But pregnant women are particularly vulnerable to the same, the first priority for it is the birth of a healthy baby.So by taking this drug during pregnancy is clearly better to abstain.