We are going on vacation .Can pregnant rest abroad

Pregnant woman should receive not only vitamins and fresh air, but also positive emotions.And of course the rest abroad is in this sense is very, very helpful.After being home for a legal holiday, and just doing nothing, too, can be tiring - the monotony and boredom.And the best solution to this issue - is to go somewhere to relax.But if it were not pregnant ...

And by the way - is it possible for pregnant women to rest abroad?

plan vacation

So - you are pregnant, but no matter what, we would like to go to rest abroad.After all, after the baby is born, you will be quite some time not to rest and even more so - not to travel.The most favorable period for traveling is a mid-pregnancy - her second trimester.Firstly, you have completely parted with toxemia, your body is already accustomed to their current situation and does not seek to deprive themselves "foreign body", the threat of termination of pregnancy is almost zero.Secondly, you feel fine, you are mobile, the tummy is still planned, and you ab

solutely do not interfere.Given all the above, plan your vacation so that he did not start earlier than 14 weeks of pregnancy and ending not later than 28. But the most optimal period for travel, according to gynecologists, is between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Whatever it was, before buying a plane ticket or a train car for a long trip, be sure to visit your gynecologist to make sure that you have no contraindications.

Contraindications to rest abroad

Where can I go for a vacation pregnant

In fact, the question is not whether it is possible for pregnant women to rest abroad.Rest it is possible, that's just how to choose the country for such a "special" vacation?It is now important for you to take into account all possible factors: the epidemiological situation, time zone, climate, affordable food, whether it is necessary to be vaccinated for the trip, and rest conditions.

Much jetlag is stressful, even for a strong and healthy body.And what to speak of a pregnant woman.By the way, a sharp change of climate can cause a pregnant malaise and headaches, so you will need time to adapt.Keep this in mind.

Thus, it should refuse to travel exotic nature, such as in Africa, South America and South and Southeast Asia.For such a trip you took to be vaccinated, and they are excluded in your position.Yes, and sanitary conditions in all these countries leave much to be desired and certainly most definitely not intended for pregnant women.Nor should we go on tour of European capitals.Excursions to museums and the race is better to postpone for another time.

Pregnant women is best to rest on the sea coasts of European countries with temperatures no higher than 28-30 degrees.And in terms of hotels in these countries, typically located at the proper height.

not forget about insurance

Going on a long journey for a vacation abroad, pregnant women need to make sure that they can teach medical assistance, if the need arises.Buying tour through a travel agency, be sure to ask what services are included in the cost of the standard health insurance and how it addresses you should contact.If it is necessary, or if you are planning a vacation on their own, be sure to get the insurance company medical insurance policy for a pregnant woman.