Can pregnant women take noshpu

Small yellow tabletochki shpy are very popular among the female part of the population of Russia.At least 60% of women regularly taking this medication for headaches and menstrual pain, spasms in the back, abdomen and muscles.But is it really safe Nosh-pa in fact, and whether pregnant Nospanum?

What - tone of the uterus, and why it occurs

In our country, No-spa is traditionally considered not only absolutely safe medication during pregnancy, and even very useful.This drug belongs to antispasmodics, in other words, relieves spasms in the body of various origins.In fact, his very name translated from Hungarian means - no cramps.This also caused its positive effect for all possible pains.Can I take Nospanum expectant mothers?Doctors believe that it is not only possible - every pregnant woman is required to bring in a purse should be a small bottle of the drug.The fact that no-silos are strongly recommended to take when suddenly arisen tone of the uterus, which, as we know can result in miscarriage.

However, the tone of the uterus can also occur for very different reasons, and does not always require immediate medical effects.

With regard to Western countries, there is a tone of the uterus are much easier and do not consider it a slight strain that occurs in the lower abdomen reason enough to immediately lock the woman in the hospital, scaring her to death at the same time.Of course, with the tone of the uterus is not joking, and it is desirable to understand the reasons for its occurrence.But err too - it is not a solution either.

In fact, a woman and she understands when she is having serious problems with pregnancy.And they are not expressed in a one-time fee arising uterine tone.This pulling pain in the lower abdomen, and the appearance of precipitates usually bloody character.And - the constant feeling tense kameneyuschey uterus.If the queen had the tone of what you are uncomfortable turned or tried to get up, too nervous or just tired - it is enough just to relax and calm down, so that everything came back to normal again.Nothing wrong with that do not.

In order not to introduce the doctor into a panic before to come for a visit, a little sit in the hallway, relax and unwind.

Can pregnant Nospanum

Of course, in some cases, the pregnant uterus can really show increased activity and prescribing shpy in this case, probably quite justified.No-spa helps to relax the smooth muscles of the uterus and reduce its tone, expand blood vessels and improve circulation.But we should not forget that No-spa can lead to the fact that relax the cervix, which may have lead to the rupture of membranes and pregnancy termination, why in the second half of pregnancy Nospanum should be taken with great caution.

Probably for this reason, in the countries of Western Europe pregnant Nospanum take altogether banned, believing that it may adversely affect the development of pregnancy, and can also cause malformation of the unborn baby's vocal apparatus.

Meanwhile, the Russian doctors do not yet support this point of view, considering that there are no conclusive results of clinical studies on this subject yet.

Whatever it was, it should be understood that the No-spa - it's not candy, and drug taking that pregnant women may be with extreme caution and only on prescription.