Can pregnant sharp .eat right

Even in the normal state is fresh food every day boring.And if we are talking about the future moms who just e able to control his desires as completely under the influence of hormones, the one here at all to death may want something salty or spicy.Especially at a time when it is torturing toxicosis.And pregnant is sometimes seen in the store on a shelf jar of pickled tomatoes or adzhika her appearance begins to pursue them relentlessly, as long as cherished capacity would not in their hands.But is it possible for pregnant sharp?What if it somehow could have a negative impact on the future of the kid?

Can savory products expectant mother

If you look, there are no direct ban on the use of acute pickled or anywhere else you will not find.If you read again the medical encyclopedia or manual on obstetrics - anywhere anything like that is not specified.However, doctors in this matter like never unanimous, and argue that pregnant spicy seasonings, if not completely should be excluded from your diet, then

certainly, at least, not too carried away by them.Even when doctors recommend eating more cheese, they are sure to make a reservation - not acute.

On the other hand, if you porassprashivat their more experienced in this matter girlfriends or relatives, you will hear that almost all of them used the sharp during pregnancy.Well, really, try it for almost a year sit in the fresh porridge, but which are very useful.

In fact, your body knows best what he needs at the moment and if it requires a chili sauce - it then so be it.Only need to remember what Hippocrates said further: in a spoon - medicine in a glass - the poison.This means that excess use of something can bring benefits in place - harm.Therefore, stick to the main rules - do not overdo it.

Can pregnant sharp

have said many times that the pregnancy is not a disease, and most of the restrictions that are imposed on future doctors mothers, are, if not far-fetched, then, at least, come from the desire to be safe.It is the same with the spicy food.

In fact, spicy foods needed by human body, including during pregnancy.It improves blood circulation, stimulates digestion and Mezhuyev way, improves sleep.It is necessary to eat something sharp little as the body begins to produce serotonin, also called hormone of happiness, and this means that spicy food helps fight depression and stress, which are not uncommon during pregnancy.

But that's not all.Hot chili peppers contain a substance called capsaicin.And it helps to prevent the occurrence of malignancies and other cancers.

Sharp products were purified vessels and excrete harmful cholesterol, normalize blood circulation, thin the blood and reduce the chance of thrombosis.As you can see, if your body requires you to eat something spicy, it can be on this basis.

Pregnant women can eat spicy, provided that they will not abuse it.Physician same distrust of similar products due to the fact that the hot spices in large quantities, can cause bloating and diarrhea, especially if your body is not used to it.Severe diarrhea is, in turn, can lead to dehydration and cause contractions.Especially - on the big stages of pregnancy.

In order to avoid such troubles, just be sensible moderation and wash down these dishes with plenty of water.In addition, for further neutralization, pregnant women are recommended along with sharp, eat more soothing neutral dishes.