Can pregnant women wear heels and why

Perhaps no one modern, leading an active way of a woman, can not be imagined without heels.Someone uses a higher, one prefers lower, but the heels, as they say - is everything.And what do expectant mothers?Can pregnant women wear heels?As is known, pregnant women have to observe a large number of restrictions, it is quite understandable in their difficult situation.

I must say that until recently many women are hesitant to give up high heels and go for shoes with flat soles only after their state of health there are certain changes and not for the better.

How does stop

loads that have to withstand the legs for human life, forced nature to create a unique device in its structure - the foot.Where you can find 33 joints, 28 bones and ligaments, nerves and tendons - more than a hundred.This is truly a piece of work that allows you to distribute the weight evenly between all the bones while walking.When you stand the greatest pressure comes on the back and the midfoot.All joints are arranged so as to pr

ovide maximum cushioning prevent fraying and other joints of the lower extremities.If the foot is broken depreciation on hip joints and knee joints redistributed truly colossal load.

This is exactly what happens when a woman wears high heels.In this case the body weight is moved back to the front sections, and - phalanges.It makes the spine more bend in the lumbar spine to maintain balance with the thorax it leans back.Accordingly, the internal organs also change their location.

When a woman wears heels, shin muscles cease to function, they become weak and flabby.Venous blood flow is disrupted and its stagnation, and this leads to changes in the very veins and the development of varicose veins.

Can pregnant women wear heels

Even if you did not notice is the changes that occur in your body with the onset of pregnancy, it does not mean that they are not.The changes can justifiably be called global.Under the influence of progesterone - a hormone that controls your life during pregnancy, the tissue softens, and ligaments and tendons become more pliable.They are preparing to leave.And it is very easy to any deformations.This is the case, including all the leg joints - the hip and knee joints of the foot.

Under the influence of high heels, the pelvis tilts forward, and it threatens pregnant changes in normal fetal position.He "leans against the wall of the peritoneum, and your uterus is no longer a comfortable cot for him.Accordingly, significantly enhanced the likelihood of complications.Stretched skin and muscles of the front abdominal wall - by the way, it greatly enhances the stretch.In addition, similarly overstretched muscles for a long time do not want to go back to its original shape.

pregnant Wear high heels and even contraindicated because thus significantly increases the possibility of a variety of injuries.As it has already been said.Ligaments and muscles of the pregnant women are much more mobile, while the center of gravity shifted from her, and the coordination of movements is broken.Sprains, bruises, tucked his feet - this is not an exhaustive list of the risks faced by the expectant mother herself, putting on high heels.But worst of all - it is exposed to direct danger of their baby, which is completely dependent on it.