Can pregnant nuts or not

It is clear that in order that the child was born strong and healthy, pregnant women need to eat right.But, hand on heart, say, how many of us know what it is - right?As polls show, for the majority of expectant mothers, nutrition is something incomprehensible and abstract.

Well, for example, if every pregnant woman knows whether pregnant nuts, and if - it is possible, how it is to be preferred?And, maybe, they are all the same benefit?So today I want to talk about nuts, how they differ and what benefits can bring during the childbearing.

Nuts - it's not just the calories

Of course, we all know that nuts are a very nutritious and high-calorie product.Women who sit on diets, trying to completely eliminate them from your diet, since only one handful of walnuts contains 2/3 of daily calories.Agree - it very much.

So maybe that pregnant nuts is also better to delete from your diet?Well, at least temporarily?It is known as the doctors do not like, if the expectant mother is knocked out of the provision

s of the norms of weight gain.

pregnancy, this is not the right time to go on a diet, and nuts are almost indispensable food product which contains not one calories as you would think Mogi.Nuts - a source of high quality protein and dietary fiber, as for the fat, they are present here in the form of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential to the human body, and especially - the body of a pregnant woman.

In addition, nuts contain high amounts of vitamins B and E, potassium, manganese, iron, phosphorus, copper, as well as a number of other trace elements, which are essential for proper and healthy development of pregnancy.

But that's not all.The fact that all of these substances are contained in the nuts in a special, easily digestible form and truly unique combination, so as to mutually reinforce their action and, of course, do not interfere with each other.Amino acids that are present in nuts, in particular, oleic acid are an excellent means of preventing atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases.

Can pregnant nuts

Due to the invaluable benefits that bring the human body nuts, nuts must be included in the daily diet of a pregnant woman.Another issue that you must comply with the measure and to know that more than 100 grams of nuts per day, the human body is simply unable to assimilate.Future same mother light of the other products it uses are recommended daily consume no more than 30 grams of nuts, regardless of their class.

What better to eat nuts pregnant?Absolutely all, except, of course, nutmeg.They all contain substances necessary during pregnancy, but in different proportions.The greatest amount of protein is located in peanuts, and most vegetable oils - in walnuts.In pine nuts contains more than just fat and carbohydrates richer than the rest of cashew nuts.

However, keep in mind that the peanut, which is, in essence, is not a nut, but refers to the legume family, is a potent allergen, so it should be consumed with caution and check constantly the body's own response.

And do not expect that if before pregnancy you did not have any allergies to peanuts himself or his oil, it does it for you perfectly safe.During pregnancy, many female body reaction vary significantly, and they may even be different in different trimesters of pregnancy.